GamerGate Interview: Supporter Discusses Controversial Movement, Its Goals and Threats of Violence

IBTimes UK interviews a supporter of the controversial GamerGate movement, asking why he supports it, what he hopes can be achieved and his thoughts on the abuse of women in the industry.

A few select quotes:

"[GamerGate] represents a political awakening for gamers."

"[The media's negative portrayal of GG] is heart-breaking."

"I prefer to leave Ms Quinn and feminism out of this."

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johndoe112111459d ago

After reading the first few paragraphs of that article and seeing the blatant lies and misrepresentation of the issues and the facts by the author, I refuse to read the rest. I really don't care how the rest of the article goes or if the interviewee represented us properly. Maybe someone who has the stomach to read through it all can fill in the rest for me.

nugget271458d ago

I disagree. I wrote the background story of GG as fairly as I thought I could.

johndoe112111458d ago

Really now? Then why the hell did you edit and change the article and some of the facts surrounding the issue AFTER my initial comment? Or did you think no one would notice? And STILL you are painting an incorrect picture of the facts. Yeah, journalism.

Kyosuke_Sanada1458d ago

The interview was the only thing worth reading.........

johndoe112111458d ago

Kudos to you for even getting that far.