Gamergate can't stop being about harassment

Felicia Day wrote a piece called "Crossing the Street," about how the Gamergate campaign had made her hesitant to engage with a culture she loves, knowing that anything she says could provoke a flood of angry, condescending abuse. Minutes later, she gets doxxed.

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JohnathanACE2559d ago

WRONG! Keep telling lies about Gamersgate. Its only going to make us fight harder.

oof462559d ago

So harrassing people and scaring them into silence is the way to forward a cause?

JohnathanACE2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Gamersgate is doing no such thing, it's the anti-gamersgaters that are trying to attack and vilify us into silence. Real members of the movement aren't harassing anyone!

-Foxtrot2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Anti Gamer Gate people are more violent and hurtful then GamerGate.

You see much more name calling, threatening and other horrible sayings from them or people who support it.

TheRealTedCruz2559d ago

Gamergate really isn't about harrassment.
Like anything, it has its extremists.

Extremists, and those simply trying to make the movement look bad.

ziggurcat2559d ago

"So harrassing people and scaring them into silence is the way to forward a cause?"

those people aren't part of gamergate.

Godmars2902559d ago

More like the people claiming to be harassed and threatened are only talking about being harassed and threatened, are insisting that they're only being harassed and threatened, while the group they're accusing and insisting has largely been talking about something else.

Blacktric2558d ago

"harrassing people"

Show me one proof that a "non egg/non intentional troll account that was denounced by #GamerGate" harrassing someone while using the tag and I will stop supporting it immediately.

Literally Wu's "proof" was screencaps of some random moron who got a specific Twitter account just for the purpose of tweeting her flimsy threats and none of them used the hashtag.

What these people, and people like you, don't understand is that when you become a public figure, either by choice or by being central to a scandal (or by pushing yourself blatantly into it to garner attention in Brianna's case), you WILL get threats and harrassment. It's inevitable. It was happening way before the internet through "fan mail" to many celebrities. But for the thin skinned people like Literally Who, Literally Wu and Sarkeesian, it's impossible to NOT appear to take these seriously, so they can push their agenda further.

Oh and, Brianna Wu admitted to creating a fake account to tweet horrible, despicable racist and sexist remarks while using the GamerGate hashtag to throw mud on the revolt and then openly admitted and laughed about it.

Think and do research before you speak, instead of adhering to the "listen and believe" propaganda these SJWs are using...

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oof462559d ago

@Foxtrot: While it may seem I'm slanting one way or the other. My gist is about the harassment. I submitted this article because it showed up on my feed. This goes for BOTH sides. Why does there need to be name calling and harassment and hurtful trolling when so much can be accomplished with intelligent dialogue and a meaningful exchange of points and counterpoints. So much of what both sides are about have been lost in the wash of trolling and people bashing. When anyone who speaks out on one side or the other is lambasted and has death threats aimed at them, or remains silent because of the fear of repercussions, then we have a problem.

ab5olut10n2559d ago

"Why does there need to be name calling and harassment and hurtful trolling..."

Go ask a troll.

Godmars2902559d ago

Because where 1/3 of #GG might be about trolling, 2/3 of the anti-#GG is. There is no, "equal" on both sides.

Noted #GG public figures call for claim and understanding, anti-#GG public figures call for a return to bullying and shaming.

rainslacker2559d ago

This wasn't a badly written article actually. But it kind of come up short in the end. I understand that it is talking more about the harassment, but it says that the movement is completely ruined because the harassment exists. If that's the case, then every movement throughout history would have failed for the same reason. GG can not be derailed because of the harassment, because the harassment isn't what the movement is about.

Saying, "The outsiders are doing the dirty work" is just wrong. The point of GG is not for anyone to get hurt, or for anyone to have to do any dirty work. The article itself even says that it has a very narrow focus, although it goes on to dismiss that focus as something that's been a problem for so long, what's the point in railing against it. But I would argue that's the exact point of's gone on too long, and we'd like to see the end of it.

Trust me, the GG side would absolutely love some intelligent discussion to be shown from their side. It certainly exists on the tweets and forums that this very article points out. But very very rarely do we see those articles, and when we do, it's not from the major publications. GG would love to be represented fairly, and for what it stands for. GG alone are the ones that are practically begging for intelligent dialogue between themselves and the gaming press.

SJW attached themselves to GG because of the way that GG came about. SJW see GG as an attack on them, when in reality it's an attack on journalistic ethics in the gaming press. GG is not in any way at any philosophical odds with the views of the SJW all. GG is not about suppressing, attacking, or harassing anybody.

Every single one of these articles like this completely dismisses the point of GG. It may mention them, but never does it actually address them in any meaningful manner. They claim how it's a noble goal, how they may even agree with it, but say it's pointless to even try because of the harassers. How is that them trying to have any kind of intelligent dialogue? It's not. It's the kind of thing that would have been a WTF moment in commentary just 10 years ago.

3-4-52559d ago

This whole thing was taken over by people with bad intentions. People who don't wish to tell the full truth.

* One side wants women treated better
- EVERYONE IS FOR THAT. Expect for a few dumb trolls.

* One side wants Journalists to be more truthful and not mislead and manipulate the facts.

- All Good people want this.

* There is a 3rd group of people who are playing both sides and causing these arguments between these two groups.

* Basically it's this:

They tricked two groups of people into disliking eachother.

Two groups of people who were arguing and stand for two different things.

They were somehow influenced into commenting about eachother and bringing eachother into their business.

* Somebody is misleading the Anti-GG people.

At the same time, Some Trolls are infiltrating the GG movement to make it look bad.

* This isn't a " Level 1" type of situation in term of sophistication.

SOME GROUP knows exactly what they are doing with this and 99% of normal people are thrown into the mix.

* Anti-GG people start thinking all gamers are trolls.

* GG people start thinking all feminists are crazy.

It's poison either way and needs to stop.

Only True intelligence can stop it.

Somebody needs to do more investigative journalism into the Facts about WHO IS REALLY behind this.

Something else is going on....You need to all wake up to that.

It's going to end up with somebody using both sides for their own benefits.

Godmars2902558d ago

"It's going to end up with somebody using both sides for their own benefits."

You mean like Sarkeesian using basic internet "civility" to turn a request for $6k into $160k then working that into paid interviews and speaking events?

Sorry, but if anyone needs to "wake-up" I'd put you in that camp.

Yes, there are 3rd party trolls, but they're just doing trolling for the fun and attention trolling gets you. Whereas anti-#GG is looking to bank their victim-hood into profit and political power, while anyone in #GG who actually knows anything - aside from the anti-feminist segment who also want to make this political - just want game reviews that aren't advertisements much less social messages.

3-4-52558d ago

uhhh if you've seen any of my comments on this issue the past week you'd know I know what she's done and what she's doing is terrible.

Crazay2558d ago

SO sick and tired of this "social movement". Go play a game.

Blacktric2558d ago

"Felicia Day wrote a piece called "Crossing the Street"

In which she moronically claimed that she used to be able to talk to random strangers she saw on the street, just because they wore game/gaming related t-shirts and now she can't because "G-GamerGate is evil!".

It was one of the most moronic pieces of drivel I have ever read.

methegreatone2558d ago

I don't understand, everytime there's anything bad to do with gamergate you just say it isn't the real members. Hmmm, how about you apply the same logic you apply to everything, and accept the fact that there are idiots who also happen to be part of gamergate, and harass other people.
I don't really care for this whole debate anymore, although I do lean more towards supporting gamergate. However, I just get annoyed when everyone does this. Makes me want to support it less.
Things like the whole Bayonetta 2 thing. Wow, one person says that its overly sexualized and actually distracts from the fun, and all of sudden the site should be blacklisted, and his review is corrupt. Some bullshit or the other. Give me a break. That is presumptious, idiotic, stupid shit. Thats doing the same thing gamergate was meant to stop. God forbid a person having a different opinion

gamey2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

What are you fighting? This isn't some war. It's a seriously screwed up situation where women are being terrorized by a group that lets tough-talk little boys badmouth women for all their problems. I've been a gamer all my life, and you are backing the wrong horse. Find something good and decent to do with all the "fight" you got in you. Cause this isn't it.

DOMination-2558d ago

Who gives a f*** about gamergate. Stop worrying about the genders of developers or if reviews are legit and go play/enjoy some damn videogames

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-Foxtrot2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I read that tumblr and what she said kind of shocked me, it made it seem like if you are a man and game you are automatically a misogynists and should be ashamed. This article says it best

"If there’s anything I’m proud of in this world, it’s the fact that I’ve had people come up to me on the street and at conventions over the years to tell me that they feel confident to call themselves a gamer because of my work, where before they were ashamed"

Seems a little ignorant and arrogant in my opinion.

I just find it funny how she speaks out over this and suddenly she gets doxxed, something she was afraid was going to happen. To me that seems like it's some troll/SJW trying to prove her point so she and others will blame GamerGate or something maybe, just maybe she's been anti GG from the start.

At the end of the day I feel like Felicia Day is only involved with gaming because it keeps her relevant. She's not a huge actress and keeps to lower roles so I feel like she uses her geeky charm and video games to keep herself in the spotlight, despite how big it actually is. That's just my take on her.

oof462559d ago

Well, to each, his own interpretation. There are people who love games but have been ashamed to show it because it wasn't mainstream. It was geek. All that has changed in the recent years. If there are people she has helped "come out" as gamers, good for all of them. I don't see her piece as ignorant or arrogant, but, just like you, that's just my take.

-Foxtrot2559d ago

You are making out like admitting you are a gamer is like coming out as Gay.

"Mom...Dad...I've got something to say and it's not something you'll want to hear but....I...I play video games




On a serious note it's just gaming, if you were really ashamed of coming out as a person who plays video games then you must not be that much of a gamer or care for them as much. If you cared you wouldn't let anyone's opinions put your down for something you love doing.

rainslacker2558d ago


I don't know how old you are, but realistically, the fact is, that it's only in the last 7-8 years where geek culture started becoming more mainstream. It was never anything like saying you were gay, but until the last generation, and the proliferation of the internet, along with the whole "nerds shall inherit the earth" way of thinking, that it wasn't a big thing to go around saying that you played video games if you were over the age of 18.

Sure there were plenty of people over 18 that gamed, in fact most gamers were over 18, but it wasn't something that society deemed as normal, even though it actually was. But back in the day, gamers typically only identified among themselves, and even today, you wouldn't likely tell someone you just met that you were into gaming unless they showed some interest in gaming themselves(for me due more to the fact that non-gamers have banal conversations about gaming...but I digress). It's just the way it is. The stigma was there, and it still exists in some ways.

I don't know how I feel about Felicia Day. I like her work, and find her to be a genuine geek. She just knows too much about geek culture to not be...either that or she really does a lot of research.

I don't follow her too closely, but from the times I've seen her talks, she never struck me as someone just trying to stay relevant. She also doesn't strike me as someone who would go around trying to perpetrate some kind of fraud to look like a victim.

It's entirely possible someone claiming to be from GG(even a supporter of it) to doxx or harass her, or it could be a anti-GG doing it to make us look bad, but at the end of the day, she didn't feel safe, and she attributed that to GG. Whether that logic was based in reality I can't say, because there isn't enough info to go on for anyone to investigate it. If it's out there though, GG people will get to the bottom of it. They've proven they can do what so called journalist can/will not.

gamey2558d ago

Your take is totally rational instead of marginalizing. You didn't feel a need to dismiss her writing because she's not a "huge actress". As if that mattered to the point whatsoever. Let the disagrees commence!

callahan092558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )


Geek culture has been mainstreaming since the 80's at least. Movies celebrating outcasts became popular at that time. You had the Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink. Of course, Revenge of the Nerds became a huge franchise. You had the booming popularity of videogames at that time. You had a surge in personal computer ownership. We had movies that sensationalized and celebrated and painted a light on hacking culture, with Wargames, then later Sneakers, Hackers, and by the late 90's the Matrix. We've had Hollywood and the television & cartoon industry pumping millions of dollars as well as countless hours worth of timeslots on network TV into comic book adaptations since the 60s. Geek culture popularity and support from mainstream industry like Hollywood is not a new thing.

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oof462559d ago

@Foxtrot: It isn't anything as big as coming out as gay, but, things like gaming that weren't mainstream were things people were shy to admit that they loved. It's something I've seen with my own eyes. When I was in elementary, one kid was teased and mocked because his "friends" found a copy of Final Fantasy II in his bag. He was labeled a nerd and smarty pants because he loved those "stupid" video games. It may seem trivial, but when you're a kid, things like that can make your world a gloomy place.

Kyosuke_Sanada2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

......or you could just have revealed to the kid that you are a gamer too and he/she wasn't alone. Tends to make the world feel less "gloomy". I know I've did that once or twice.....

ab5olut10n2559d ago

Holy cow I love anecdotal evidence too.

Dark_Overlord2559d ago

Once again I ask, please provide proof that this was a member of gamersgate that did this?

You can't? Well isn't that surprising, keep crying wolf and eventually no one will take notice.

sorceror1712559d ago

Just out of curiosity, if it *were* proven to your satisfaction that "a member of gamersgate" did it... what would you do?

pompombrum2559d ago

Just out of further curiousity, what do you think it actually means if a members of gamersgate actually did it?

Hypothetically, what if I was to single out some random woman in the gaming industry and tell her that I was going to kill her and have some fun with her dead body and ended it with #sonyps4. Does that mean we should all boycott PS4s because obviously all PS4 fans are women haters, misogynists and necrophiliacs. On top of that we should probably boycott Sony too because well they created and harboured this disgusting group of people.

sorceror1712558d ago

@aiBreeze - So... if it doesn't *matter* whether the culprit is "a member of gamersgate" - why even ask? Is the question anything but a distraction?

killbillvolume122559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I am really getting sick of all this gamergate BS. Its seriously giving me anxiety and shit arghhh. Pretty much this sums up the situation:

Even if we get banned Le Resistance lives on! :D

Remy_S2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

The journalist corruption must go pretty deep for all these sites to vilify and misrepresent what gamergate is about. Constantly trying to put us on the defensive with false accusations so that the real issue isn't being discussed. This marks another site I won't be visiting again out of principle.

pompombrum2559d ago

If you wanna see how deep it goes, go google gamergate and check out the big non gaming news website articles on it and see what they put.

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