Mewtwo Announced for Smash Wii U

Looks like a fan favorite will be coming back to Smash.

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RmanX10003022d ago

Based Sakurai Confirmed.

Eamon3022d ago

Did you see the way he trolled us with Chrom again?

3-4-53022d ago

That was an awesome Direct.

This is basically like 10 games in one, and all of them look like a lot of fun.

LAWSON723022d ago

I remember when people whined about a watered down Wii U version, that certainly did not happen. Thanks for the link that was a great vid, can't wait to play this this holiday

CervantesPR13022d ago

YESSSSSS YESSSSSS OMG glad i bought a wii u last week

SpartanYalo3021d ago

Same here!!
Now I'm a proud owner of all major consoles!

stragomccloud3022d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.