Geforce GTX 780 onsale for $270.89, and more deals.

Newegg and Amazon have some great sales for the GTX 780, and the new GTX 970. Both of these cards offer phenomenal value at these prices, not too long ago the best bang for your buck was the GTX 760 at around $220. Now for just the price of another game you can jump from mid to high tech gaming.


These deals are for the NA region.

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Pandamobile2598d ago

Damn, that's an unreal price for a GTX 780.

bumnut2598d ago

I bought a 780 on release day, breaks my heart to see it at this price!

solar2598d ago

Me too. Such a great card. I don't regret it one bit

ATi_Elite2598d ago

And that's why I'm currently running two Gigabyte Gtx780 in sli right now. I got mine slightly higher but they are OC with an oversized cooler.

Also running two Gigabyte R9 290 in CFX because amd dropped their prices to under 300 for limited times throughout the Internet

So after selling my old cards I'm not Really spending that much.

Thanks Gtx900 series because you really dropped the price on some sweet cards.

Maxor2598d ago

This is awesome news for mid range gamers.

Razuel2598d ago

I agree, If I wasn't such a poor bastard I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

kryteris2598d ago

Article is right about the 750ti, talked my sister into getting it. Easy fix for those suckered by pre-built manufacturers.

ABizzel12598d ago

Completely agree, I recommend everyone who's new to PC gaming to simply buy a a modest $200 - $300 PC and a 750 Ti, and boom you have your first gaming PC at a reasonable price.

I know this isn't the best route, but it's the easiest to get people to learn the parts of a PC, and understand what does what. Once they see how easy it is to upgrade RAM a CPU, they feel more comfortable and eventually try making their own PC since they now have a reference.

pompous2598d ago

I'd recommend the r7 265 over the 750ti. It's a bit more powerful for the same money. But you can't go wrong with the 750ti.

ABizzel12598d ago


The only reason I pick the 750 Ti for them, is because those cheap PCs generally have low wattage PSUs, and the 750 Ti is the safest bet for boosting those PCs without going over the power limit.

kryteris2597d ago

@pompous, agree if you have a decent psu. Problem is the majority of systems from manufacturers don't offer one. Which is a joke, considering sometimes you pay upwards of $800

Darth Gamer2598d ago

And now I know why I'm a console gamer, lol.

Kurylo3d2598d ago

cause you enjoy spending $60 on a gmae when its $5 on pc.

OculusRift2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

You know what's crazy? I haven't paid $60 for a console game in years. That's boatload of misinformation. Most PC games cost little less than console games on release night, but $5? You must be talking about sales that months down the road. Amazon sells some new games for $40-50 release night(console and PC). Some places sell digital versions for $35 on release night or a day or two after.

pompous2598d ago

The only time I've paid 5$ for a pc game that was 50 or 60 was when the game was over a year old and in a SALE. So please stop pretending they are that cheap. Yes they can get that cheap, but only after at least a year or if the game BOMBED hard. Otherwise they will be 20-40$ their whole life except for the random sale

Kurylo3d2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Maybe you guys dont use steam... Brand new games $15 or under on every holiday month. Halooween sale, thaanksgiving month sale.. christmas month sale... summer sale.. spring sale.. Like they have any excuse to have a sale. And no it doesnt take a year for the price to drop. I typically get games a month after release for at least half hte price. And yes console is more expensive in the long run.

I mean you could keep pluggn ur ears and not wanting to hear it. But it really is more expensive on a console.. lets not forget the monthly online charge just to play online for consoles. PC gives you gaming and so much more.. consoles.. are just consoles... with less graphics and more restrictions.

I mean im pretty sure u all own computers anyway, so whats the big deal in spending an extra $100 on that computer u already own and have a pc thats better then a console. You act liek you buy pcs just for gaming alone when u do so much more with them. I think the real tragedy is people who dont own a gaming pc but own a pc regaurdless and a console... its like mind boggling to me since u bought a pc anyway...

ABizzel12598d ago

$270 for a GPU that's what 4x more powerful than XBO and 3x more powerful than PS4 is a great deal, and you can near PS4 / XBO performance for the same price, or better for a bit more. It just all depends on what you want out of your PC.

PC the flexible platform.

OculusRift2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Why does no one believe me? GET A 750 Ti and OVERClock it! These cards are perfect overclockers. I've got an Asus OC 2GB model and I can just pull the sliders to one side and call it a night. I feel like I can push this card even harder if these OC programs let me. I can play PC cars on what seems to be high and get around 47-50FPS @1080p or if I bump it over to my 900p monitor, it's 60fps all day. Unless it's a Ubisoft or Bethesda game.

Kurylo3d2598d ago

With a name like oculusRift you would think you would want more then 75 fps. Just saying thats what you need for a smooth VR experience.

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