Ads Of The Rising Sun

Here in Japan, ads for the Wii follow pretty much the same pattern. White room, person or persons wearing white clothes, middle-aged guy doing voiceover. There are no Japanese guys turning up at the homes of strangers and informing them of their desire to play. There are no extended scenes of cigar chewing spacemarines, this is Nintendo after all.

The ads that air on TV have broadened their target audience just as Nintendo has broadened theirs. Of course, the bright, loud, annoying ads of old are still there in amongst the kids TV shows, but now they appear alongside the beer, hairloss, and cosmetic ads that you can see between your evening news and documentaries. This change is probably true for most markets where the Wii and DS have taken a strong hold. So that's everywhere then. Here is one that shows how dumbed down the ads are. Everything is literally signposted. This is true for most of the Wii adverts.

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