Dual analogue sticks most wanted feature for PSP 2.0

A two-week long exclusive poll of Pocket Gamer readers has revealed that dual analogue sticks are the hardware upgrade most desired for the next version of Sony's PSP.

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BlackCountryBob4349d ago

Dual sticks is a good idea but 21% want a mobile phone built in? Why? Personally I would like at least a 8-10 hour battery and a mini hard drive or NAND flash memory of at least 4GB!

shysun4349d ago

The battery is 6-8 hours two hours more wont be much of a difference.4GB or more of memory would be nice.I still think this is cool as hell.

BIadestarX4349d ago

"4GB" dream on. Sony makes more money on memory sticks than selling PSP. Now that they are pushing PS1 games digital distribution you will see a big increase in memory stick sells. Eventhough technically possible not putting any internal memory that gamers can use is a very smart business strategy. Sucks for gamers, good for Sony.

BlackCountryBob4349d ago

When I say 8-10 hour battery life I mean that I want it to run for that long as an absolute bare minimum, playing games off UMD with the volume on and the screen brightness turned to its highest setting.

CyberSentinel4349d ago

Dual Sticks for FPS would rock. I never understood why it wasn't there in the first place.

BoneMagnus4349d ago

If there was a good FPS with dual analogs, I would purchase a PSP. Until then, my handheld love will have to live with turn-based strategy on the DS Lite.

DJ4349d ago

that has a UMD slot instead of a hatch, is a lot thinner, and has 8Gb of flash memory. Memory sticks are simply too expensive for most consumers to invest in, and considering the amount of content people like to put on their PSPs it only makes sense.

And uh, Bladestar? Sandisk makes memory sticks too. If you look at how small the PSP is, they had no choice but to use Memory Stick Duo. Compact flash is just WAY too big.

The dual analog stick debate is still up in the air though because it would force people to upgrade...but I think it's necessary to at least improve the analog stub before even thinking about adding a second one.

BIadestarX4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

So, you are telling me, sony did not put an internal memory in the PSP because it did not fit?
"Sandisk makes memory sticks too" uhh sandisk pays licenses fee to Sony the same way everyone that uses the blu-ray format will.

DJ4348d ago

Apple, Dell, HP, Hitachi, LG, Mitsubishi, Electric, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Sun Microsystems, TDK, Thomson, Twentieth Century Fox, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros. are in charge of the Blu-ray Association.

Yeah, Sony gets royalties, but so do the other 17 companies involved. And no, Sony didn't invent the format, as much people like to say it. It's also nice to see that the site got updated:

Pretty snazzy, huh?

If you're wondering about the PSP, try to find a single article that predicted people would store so much data on their PSPs. No one really saw it coming because UMDs were supposed to supply all video content. But consumers seem to be more intent on putting their own content on, so Sony basically needs to go back and redesign the product based on what consumers want. If you look back at the original iPod, you'll see how far it's come over the past several years.

PS360WII4346d ago (Edited 4346d ago )

Dual analogue is not on the top of the list that's for sure. I'd like a screen protector, and have it a little more sturdier. (you know so a 6 inch drop won't kill it)
Longer battery life and with that make it so the battery won't run out even when not playing it. I took a long break from my psp and had it charged up but when I finally got back to playing it the battery was dried up and I had to recharge it. That has never happened with any of my Nintendo handhelds, I could not play one for 3 months or more and pick it up and play.
Have a UMD port but start making games on memory sticks or something. Those disc just get in the way and I'd rather have portable carts for games or have them on memory sticks, either way out with any new UMD's.
PSP2 doesn't need to be anything crazy just a psp with a little tlc