Darren Jobling: "European Games Industry has been decimated"

Eutechnyx's Darren Jobling has warned the gaming industry about the issue of American domination of video game publishing and development, by saying that the creative and business side of the European Games industry is in trouble, with only two large publishers left.

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Condoleezza Rice4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

KillZone 2 will fix this problem.

And before you disagree I hope you realize this is a joke

Robearboy4744d ago

Its a dog eat dog world, if you produce the goods you will be fine (excluding E.A who just make everything and anything and buy everything!)

Skerj4744d ago

I hope every territory gets back in line, right now all the dopest games for me come from Canada (yay) and Japan anyway.

DolphGB4744d ago

...but I think Darren is a little off the mark.

Sure, Ubisoft are huge from a publishing perspective, but they and Eidos aren't the only options. In terms of developers Traveller's Tales (pre-WB buyout) were the UK's biggest publisher last year and were placed 10th in the world. Ubisoft France were 11th, followed by Rebellion in 16th place.

Add in the likes of Rockstar London/Leeds/etc., Codemasters and London Studio and things don't look so bad, actually. Of course, SCEE should be counted in the 'huge publisher' list as well.

European developers did well in the Develop 100 last year, and it looks like they will do well again when the numbers are counted for the 2008 edition - - and the state of EU games publishing is not as bad as Darren is suggesting.

aubradley4744d ago

Makes sense since you never hear about any games coming out of Europe.

Skerj4744d ago

Uh you always hear about games coming out of Europe, or Canada.