Sony Releasing Two AAA Games In The Same Month Is A Bad Idea

The PlayStation 4 is coming up to its first birthday and many are still waiting for that Greatness Sony Promised. With a list of average to mediocre indie titles making their debut on the PS4, it's not surprising that many gamers have felt cheated for spending money on a machine that has failed to deliver on its promise so far.

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GarrusVakarian3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

They should push The Order into April, so it has the month to itself. Otherwise it's going to get into some stiff competition with Bloodborne and The Witcher 3. Not exactly a wise choice for a new IP.

DJustinUNCHAIND3256d ago

I would argue that the Bloodborne should be the one that makes the move.

The Order is going to appeal to more people than Bloodborne is. At least, more casuals.

Irishguy953256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

I'd actually be curious to see the two together in the same month, to see which sells more and how far from soft have come.

If one is to be pushed back I hope it's the order. I don't think it looks great(Graphics excluded), whereas i'm a massive fan of Souls series.

Salooh3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

I'm buying the three of them so i don't care . The only thing that matters to me is to play them as soon as possible. Feb gonna be awesome !!!!! But isn't bloodborne releasing in march ?. o.o ..

raWfodog3256d ago

Maybe one will appeal to more people than the other but the other is still eagerly awaited by those fans so they shouldn't have to take the backseat to the other game. Not everyone is interested in both games.

RedDevils3256d ago

Doesn't matter I buy both

Saigon3256d ago

It doesn't bother me at all because I am going to buy both either way if they release the same month.

In reality the Order should not be delayed anymore because it has already been delayed once. In my opinion, if they delay it again, they will lose some fans that actually want the game.

Bloodborne, though I hate to say this, should be delayed if needed or because of scheduling. This will allow From Soft to put more spit and polish into the game.

Just my opinion; still think it is ok to release them all in the same month.

bouzebbal3256d ago

i think it's a bad idea too. January then march would have been wiser.

blitz06233256d ago

And if Sony pushes one of them back you'll get the usual "Delaystation" comment or that "PS4 has no gamez".

d0x3603256d ago

I'll be buying bloodborne but I have zero interest in the order. It looks so generic and boring. Amazing graphics yes but that's basically it.

Scottyabanks3256d ago

Do not push Bloodborne! I'm a seasonal worker and I go back to work beginning of April. 60 hours a week for 8 months and off December through March. Bloodborne is going to get me through those last two months. Besides, the souls series requires serious time and dedication of which I don't have duiring the work season.

Back-to-Back3256d ago

How does a new IP(The order) appeal to more people than a game with a large fanbase already(Bloodborne). The Souls games actually sell very well.

NegativeCreep4273256d ago


My thoughts exactly!

Any delays for these games and the rusty old "2015 is shaping up to be the worst year ever for PS4 gaming!...just like 2014" train is going to be chuggin' back into n4g town.

GIZOTyler3256d ago

Having played some of The Order at PAX... that game needs as much time as it can get.

Lord_Sloth3256d ago

I don't believe the 2 will overlap for fans though. 1 is a shooter and the other is more akin to Demon's Souls.

thorstein3256d ago

So, let me get this straight.

Hateboys complain that there aren't enough games for the system (they're wrong BTW), and now, 2 AAA games are releasing in the same month and now it's a "Bad Idea."

WTF? Learn to journalize.

SmielmaN3256d ago

I would think that the attach rate of the PS4 plus the holiday season make Sony feel confident that both games will sell. Choice of a couple non COD games for the holidays is alright by me.

mikeslemonade3255d ago

They need to push back the Order. The game doesn't look ready anyway. It will get delayed.

maniacmayhem3255d ago

Me personally if I had to chose one I would chose Bloodborne.

That game looks sweet.

Sevir3255d ago

Bloodborne releases early February while the Order releases late Feb, PS4 fans will likely buy both, Shooter fans will buy the Order, and souls fans will buy Bloodborne.

It's crazy to see people complain that the PS4 doesn't have any AAA games to hitching that releasing 2 AAA games at opposite ends of the same month is a bad idea! Journalism at its finest

Wizard_King3255d ago

Wow poor console gamers. Already no games to play and people think 2 AAA games in one month is to much.

I'll just leave it at that.

XB1_PS43255d ago

It's good for the customers that want the games. I don't think they should move either. It's not like they have anything to worry about. If people were going to buy both games, they still are either way.

dantesparda3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

I'd buy both if they came out on the same day. Even though i much prefer TO. But do agree they should have had their own month. And to the Order "meh"-sayers (Irishguy & dox360), i dont wanna hear you two talking about how great Gears is.

Aghashie3255d ago


I agree that The Order has more appeal to casual market. But I believe that more people r waiting on Bloodborne. So, The Order is the one that should be pushed a month or so.

Anyway, I feel like Sony is trying to please everyone putting those two games together on release. They know doing this will hurt some sales, but I think they don't care. They seem more interested into keeping fan base happy rather than high sale numbers. Not a bad move if u ask me. I wished every month would be like that w two or three good games to choose instead of only one game per month. U won't always get money to get them all, but it feels good when ur system of choice has some already released games on shelve that u want to play. U can finish whatever game u r playing and an hour later be playing a new game without the need to wait weeks or months for the next big release. Just my opinion :)

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GribbleGrunger3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

I'm not sure about that. MS are likely to have a Witcher bundle and it would be wise for Sony to have two bundles of their own, because it's better to overcompensate than underestimate. A Bloodborne/Order combo bundle would also be attractive for anyone who is ready to buy a console for the Witcher but isn't quite sure which console to get. When trying to justify a console purchase based on ONE game, it's likely to help persuade you if there are two AAA titles to back that justification up. I honestly think it's a smart move, even if it does cut into the sales of one game or the other.

Samsara823256d ago

yeah I think both games coming out almost at the same time is good for the platform but maybe not as good for the 2 devs since maybe not all people will decide to get both games at launch.

Jaqen_Hghar3256d ago

Sony isn't going to worry about a 3rd party bundle of a non-exclusive when they have exclusives on either side of it. Madden and COD have sold more on PS4 this gen even with MS money behind their ads and bundles. Since MS doesn't have much to compensate for these 2 exclusives as they have nothing for early next year. Not to mention Ratchet is getting their remake and movie (extra mindshare for game and Sony) in the first half of 2015 as well.

TheNew13256d ago

@Jaqen_Hghar I can bet my account that Warfare sell better on the Xbox.

ThanatosDMC3255d ago


COD Ghost sold more on PS4. More consoles.

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ArchangelMike3256d ago

Yeah, Sony should definately space the games out and not have two of their major new IPs compete in the same month with each other and also with The Witcher 3. Although both The Order and Bloodborne release before The Witcher 3, I still think The Witcher 3 has the greatest draw for most gamers. But the sales will tell in the end :)

nosferatuzodd3256d ago

first y'all complaining about wheres the game now Sony is bringing by the pile and y'all still find shit to cry about gamers are such spoiled brats these days