Apple to offer Blu-ray-equipped Macs by February?

There are reports saying that Apple will begin offering Blu-ray-equipped Macs by February 2007. This is only according to some sources and nothing has been confirmed by Apple as of now.

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BlackCountryBob4350d ago

If they start offering Blu Ray it'll only be an option on the power mac it will be many years before it gets offered on imac and macbook models, jesus DVD burners are not yet standard on macbooks so blu ray will not emerge for many years!

DeathNote14350d ago

we all know it takes time for a new format to take control, that's not the argument.

BlackCountryBob4350d ago

I didnt realise that there was an argument! Can someone let me know in future when I get into an argument! My point was that Bluray will only be available on the high end powermac model which is only really bought by professionals for high end video editing such as those used by BBC and many movie directors!

DeathNote14350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

if you didn't realize, argument has multiple meanings. like topic/point/theme. this holds true to many English words. you seem to speak this language. do you have a high school education?

Sphinx4350d ago

DeathNote1 just wants to pick fights today! This is the second time I've seen him trying to start trouble.

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BIadestarX4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

I think blu-ray may win the format war against hd-dvd for the simple fact that Microsoft has to many enemies. Though Microsoft do not own hd-dvd for some strange reason people related hd-dvd as it belongs to microsoft. Now winning the format war does not mean it will win the market adoption war. Even Sony started their digital distribution effort with PS1 games for the PSP and said that the PS4 wouldn't have a disk drive. Digital distribution will win the war; it's destined to. It happened to music, it's happening to games, it will happen to video; it's just a matter of when.

eques judicii4350d ago

i hope digital distribution doesn't win the war.... because that would cripple the retail industry... and just imagine if you get tired of a game, you won't be able to trade it in to a gamestop. Giving gifts would be equally hard (would it be a card or maybe you go online and print out the receipt for someone??) There would also be no bring the game over to a friends house and what about running out of disc space??? even if they offer 500 GB... if games continue to expand like sony says they are (dual layer bluray is 50 GB which they said will be full by next year) than that means you only get 10 games on your drive...

no... having a physical copy of the game is important to me and I think a lot of people. Gamestop relies on used sales and a lot of people don't enter the game market until a game becomes used.

Now I kinda understand why microsoft put a 50 MB limit on arcade games, it limits it to smaller games and not blockbusters like GoW/blue dragon...

The true winner after bluray/hddvd will be HVD:

BIadestarX4349d ago

I agree, but there is a time where practical becomes impractical and the impractical becomes practical. As bandwidth increases it will become more mehh to go all the way to the store and get a movie or game when you can just download it. I know there is a level of uncertainty when it comes to this. People fear change; that’s to be expected. I am sure those people that used to make cars for horses worried a bit when they saw how transportation was changing. Same goes with the music industry. The fact is that they will have to adapt or die. This is inevitable. You can't stop it. I big companies are working to bring up to 50MB internet to the public at a very afortable price. when that happens they good bye to physical distribution.

eques judicii4349d ago

that it won't happen, and its not that I fear change.. but I work in retail (eb games)... and let me tell you, if sony does away with buying games in store gamestop will NOT sell the ps4 and neither will a lot of retail chains... if movies, tv shows, and games are all sold over the internet and not at a store that means a lot of retail employees will end up unemployed and that will upset people.... i mean, right now you can buy stuff off the internet and have it sent to you, and this is a very profitable business but millions of people enjoy the process of going shopping in person and asking real people what they think of the product, plus they like to buy gifts... just think how lame black friday will be if no one goes out to buy movies or games... I think it will be a convenience but will probably fail because without retail outlets the market will shrivel...

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BrotherSic4350d ago

I guess this could make a difference but i believe that there is company has already started creating disks that can store both formats on one disk which would sort out the whole problem

Islandkiwi4350d ago

I hope both formats die a painful death.

MicroGamer4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

Blu-Ray may be welcome by high end graphics professionals who need a higher capacity removable medium than DVD-9, but does it really mean anything to the average computer user?? It has been said elsewhere that watching movies destroys hardware. Macs are expensive enough as it is without the drive failing every year because you've been using your computer as a DVD player. I don't think there will be very many happy faces on those who buy a Blu-Ray Mac when the drive (the tres EXPENSIVE drive, I should add) packs it in a year after purchase. Digital download isn't an ideal solution, either, because now instead of wearing out your removable drive playing movies and music, you're wearing out your hard drive and that will need replacing and you could end up losing everything else on the drive at the same time. I will never buy any video game console that forces me to download games digitally.I want a backup handy if my hard drive copy becomes corrupted or to sell if I don't like the game or finish it quickly. I'm not paying $60 for a game, find out it sucks or isn't as challenging as I thought or just doesn't work as advertised and then be stuck with no way to return it. Also, what happens when my hard drive fills up?? Do I have to delete games that I paid for in order to buy new ones?? And how do I transfer them if I ever upgrade the hard drive in the future??

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