Ashamed To Game – Lament Of Our Culture

SteamFirst: Right off the bat, I want to say that these opinions are truly my own, not that of SteamFirst. This situation has been bothering me quite for quite a bit and thus I am going to vent about it to you fine folks instead of writing my normal weekly review column. I will try to get my next review up sooner rather than later in exchange.

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arbitor3652470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

pardon me for not wanting to jump on your boat of self loathing, at the behest of professional victims like Zoey Quinn.

just look at that thumbnail. what a poor innocent woman, who did absolutely nothing wrong, right? well, apart from

- using sex to get journalists to promote and praise her game and make her the winner in an indie game contest
- hijacking Game Jam and funneling tons of money into her pocket.
- destroying a charity by TFYC that was made to help women in the industry
- getting her journalist pals to gang up on people who oppose her and threaten their careers
- doxxing people who oppose her and laughing about in on twitter
- claiming that cheating on your partner without them knowing and then having sex with them should be considered "rape." and then proceeding to cheat on her boyfriend with 5 guys.

oh yeah. this is clearly a woman of pure character. who is the victim of all of us evil gamers who just hate women in general. we all just hate zoey because she is a woman.

Gazondaily2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Agreed. I refuse to be dragged down into this mess. That's why I started Gameondaily. I said screw it. I'll start my own website. With blackjack. And fact...forget my gaming site!

Some people have messaged me to take this video of ours down, in case we somehow become big (not that I care for it):

But no. A big middle finger to all those who want to rip apart the essence of what gaming is all about into loads of stupid little piece to be mindlessly analysed under a microscope of social commentators who bring in all sorts of issues to dilute the fun out of this medium.

This medium is maturing (unlike us heh) and so these kind of issues occurring is a sign of that maturity but we need to reel it all back in, and take gaming back to what its all about.

This is our medium! I'm not ashamed of it. I'm proud of it.

donthate2470d ago

I find this so extremely funny, because the two sides fighting aren't really fighting each other.

In the one corner, you got the feminist asking for equality, and the other corner you got the "gamers" asking for corruption to stop in gaming journalism.

Problem is, they both mis-interpret reality. Then you got the truely evil trolls getting their kick out of this.

It's hilarious!

I'm going to go game now, and the world will keep spinning, and more idiots will be bred, and the cycle will continue.

The world doesn't get better, it just changes and the evils just gets recycled into another form.

Highlife2470d ago

Couldn't have said it any better.

dennett3162470d ago

Show me the evidence for any of the things that you just posted. Show me the reviews of her game from people that she slept with, or any articles made that even mention her game, coming from those people.
Show me the posts from her journalist pals that are threatening the careers of others...and also prove that she is, in fact, friends with them.
Show me anything solid at all, not half-baked conspiracy theories and conclusions that have been jumped to. Facts, show them.

Where were all you angry gamers when Jeff Gerstmann lost his job at Gamespot? Where were you all when Rab Florence was forced to leave his position at Eurogamer after exposing just how cuddled up games journos were to the PR people of games publishers?
Where is the anger and vitriol on the level that Quinn and Sarkesian are receiving for issues that TRULY matter? Like publishers blatantly lying to our faces when promoting their games, lying about the reasons for technical limitations ("30fps is more cinematic"), granting exclusive access to certain games to certain sites and Youtubers in return for coverage that is not allowed to contain any criticism?
The anger and abuse that these women are receiving is massively disproportionate, and you really have to question just why that is.
Quinn doesn't sound like a nice person at all in her personal life, but that doesn't mean anything in regards to the industry. The bitter rantings of her ex (justified though that bitterness may be) has very little to do with journalistic ethics, and everything to do with the chance to further abuse a person who was already getting a ton of hate and abuse purely for releasing a pretentious indie title that doesn't even cost any money. There is ZERO proof of her sleeping around for positive coverage, none. Only one of the 5 guys have been shown to have even mentioned her game, and it was before their "relationship" even began.
Anita Sarkesian's videos are riddled with errors, faults, outright bull***t, stolen footage....all sorts of issues. That doesn't make the abuse she's received right or justified. Criticising her work for valid reasons is easy, yet many take it too far and make it about a crusade against feminism in general.

Journalistic ethics IS an important issue, it's been an important issue since the Commodore 64 days where numerous times magazines were caught "reviewing" games just by using materials and text from the press kits they were given. Right now, it's being used as the flimsiest justification for a bunch of cretins to get on a half-baked crusade against "SJW's" and "FemiNazi's", and it's seen some of the most ethical coverers of the industry in people like Jim Sterling and TotalBiscuit - who both fight hard against those in the industry who look to deceive and hide their crooked dealings - receive unbelievable levels of abuse from people who claim to be doing it for the "ethics".
I'm sorry, it doesn't wash. GamerGate is one of the worst things to ever happen to the industry, because it killed any chance of reasonable discussion of an important issue, all so that a certain kind of person can get their kicks abusing people.

That all said, I'm not ashamed to be a gamer because of the actions of an abusive section of them, or the actions of some games journalists who should know better than to tar us all with the same brush...that'd be ridiculous. GamerGate doesn't represent me. I'll continue to discuss the actual issues regarding games journalism and critique like a normal person, just like many others will. I don't need to join in with the crowd and point fingers while regurgitating BS as fact as an excuse to abuse others because they're on the other side of an imaginary boundary...I have a mind of my own.

averagejoe262470d ago

Show me proof of the threats they received. Facts, not just half assed conspiracies floating around.

yewles12470d ago

"I don't need to join in with the crowd and point fingers while regurgitating BS as fact as an excuse to abuse others because they're on the other side of an imaginary boundary"

That's exactly what you just DID...

paul-p19882470d ago

Your comment has been copy and pasted into the article's comment section (not by me btw). I wonder what the author thinks of it...

Legend2470d ago

But look how super sad she looks. Put yourself in her shoes and think about how you would feel if you had been rejected as a character model for an upcoming Final Fantasy too.

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yewles12470d ago

"I thought that we were making progress for a while there. As it is, I might be hanging up my nerd shirts for a while. Gaming might have to go back to being my dirty little secret."



"People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

killbillvolume122470d ago

All honestly I think this video sums up gamergate in a lovely song and dance :D

Hoffmann2470d ago

Damn gamergate news/videos/blogs are here on n4g too?

caseh2470d ago

Not been around for the past few weeks/months huh? :)

Hoffmann2470d ago

Yup, wasn't on n4g since august

Venemox2470d ago Show
chrissx2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

This is absolutely pathetic, and so is that thumbnail

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