Game Revolution: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Review

Game Revolution writes: "Just as the first entry in the Metal Gear Solid series defined the stealth action genre, MGS4 redefines the genre more than any other stealth action game since its legendary progenitor hit the original Playstation in 1998. The first Metal Gear Solid didn't just establish the rules for all stealth action games to follow, but it also showed the world just how much story and play variety could be packed into a video game. Unfortunately, each successive release has seen Kojima and crew fall deeper and deeper in love with their over-inflated egos and fall farther from what made the first game so great in the first place: fun and innovation. Until now.

As the Metal Gear Solid mythos has grown over the years, it's become all too baroque for my tastes. It requires far too many flow charts, timelines, and family trees to keep track of it all (hence the recent MGS database download through PSN). Worse, MGS2 tried to make cheap philosophical points about the nature of "identity" that were on par with the kinds of psychobabble mumbo-jumbo that gets passed around with the dutchie at a music festival. MGS 3 took a slightly different-but no less awkward and indulgent-tactic by giving us a twisted family drama with all the force and emotion of a daytime talk show and all too often sacrificed innovative gameplay for leaden cinematics."

+ Smart, ridiculously fun storyline
+ Genre-defining wartime stealth play
+ Top-notch cinematics
+ Vastly improved gunplay and weapons management
+ Beautiful art direction
+ Promising multiplayer

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