The PlayStation TV is a waste of money for Vita fans

By Andrew Webster: "People love to say that the PlayStation Vita has no games. I'm the guy who tells them they're wrong. Though Sony's handheld hasn't been a huge success, it's one of my personal favorite devices. I love the form factor and the diverse line-up of games, from the charming Tearaway to music games like Sound Shapes and Hohokum. It's amazing that I can take classics like Vib-Ribbon or Final Fantasy VII with me wherever I go."

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Neonridr2368d ago

"I imagine the number of people willing to spend $100 so they don't have to move their PS4 to a different room is small"

Have you seen my Home Theatre setup? moving my PS4 from room to room isn't exactly easy.. ;)

Plus I did buy it for the Remote Play feature. I wanted to be able to play on my TV in the bedroom.

Scatpants2368d ago

That's why I bought one. I figured for $100 bucks, why not? I had to buy a powerline ethernet extender for it though because remote play sucked on wifi. It's pretty good now though.

bouzebbal2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

i agree, but for people who only see it as an opportunity to remote play PS4 it's okay, but the games?

in fact, Vita is a waste of money. I have one and i wonder why i'm keeping it. Nothing to be excited about on it from now on, NOTHING!
get yourself one or borrow it just for Tearaway.

Cartmans2368d ago

Mr. Andrew Webster, just because you think it's a waste of money doesn't mean others should follow.

Scatpants2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I've been really enjoying mine. Disgaea 4 was awesome. Borderlands 2 despite all of the complaints is fun to play on it. All kinds of fun smaller games. Freedom Wars next week, The Wolf Among Us which I've been waiting to play on vita the week after that. Danganropa 1 and two are f'ing great. South Park Pinball is excellent. It seems like almost every week something fun comes out for it, but it gets no credit.

Inception2368d ago

"Vita is a waste of money"

Yes, for you abzdiine, but not for others.

"I have one and i wonder why i'm keeping it. Nothing to be excited about on it from now on, NOTHING!"

Again, for YOU. Me and other people are excited with Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush 2, Tales of Hearts R, Oreshika, or new YS.

paul-p19882368d ago

@abzdiine Freedom Wars, Next Friday for EU or a few days earlier for US, BUY IT! Biggest game coming to the Vita, and most anticipated by pretty much the whole Vita community

nix2368d ago

my 90% of my gaming happens on Vita. why sit at home and play when you can play the same game wherever i can. if any game has cross buy i install the Vita because it's so much better to be mobile and still play the games. plus.. 80% of the games i play right now are all from PS+.

that is how good a vita is for me.

Baka-akaB2367d ago


You're the one that made it a waste then . I'll never understand people purchasing any console with a library that doesnt interest them

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Funantic12368d ago

I knew this gimmick was a waste of time and money. Anything that has Vita in the name is a fail.

Bereaver2368d ago

Playstation TV doesn't even have vita in the name...... lol

memots2368d ago

look at comment history and ignore

Highlife2368d ago

Considering it won't remote play your x1 i guess you might be jealous.

SniperControl2368d ago

Fun, you have never owned or intend to own either a PS4 or a Vita, why do you post in Sony articles all the time?

tiffac0082368d ago

Well it is for the none Vita owners.

Scatpants2368d ago

It's pretty good for Vita owners too because you're more likely to have a collection of games to play on it already. If I didn't have a Vita already I would still get one and just let PS+ games accumulate for it. You practically don't have to pay to enjoy it.

Rhythmattic2368d ago

Exactly... I have tens of games I've never played through PS+

Cant wait to get my mitts on "Golden Abyss".. Plus (pun intended ) the rest of em'

tiffac0082367d ago

True but I would rather put the money on it for another Vita game besides I'm more mobile now because of work :(

RiPPn2368d ago

I like it so far, just hope they patch more games to work with it.

Bennibop2368d ago

I bought a Japanese Vita TV (months back) and set up a Japanese account, I take it on holiday with me and plug into the TV in my hotel room and play. It a practical way of accessing my PS4 anywhere.

MajorGecko2368d ago

i have a question for you, when you are out do you need to keep your ps4 on all the time to access it thru PSTV?

Bennibop2368d ago

No as long as you have paired them up before and you have left the PS4 on standby it works.

I recently streamed Shadow of Mordor from my PS4 in UK to my hotel room in Turkey and played with no problems.

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