Full FAQ's for the new Action Game Protoype

As part of their planned coverage for the game, Skewed and Reviewed lifts the lid on the full FAQ's for the game.

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kingme714746d ago

I thought this game got pushed back like 9 months into '09? Might be a bad sign, but still looks interesting.

ChampIDC4746d ago

I haven't heard that yet myself. Maybe that was just a rumor?

kingme714746d ago

It's mentioned on a number of sites. Last month they pushed it back from Fall to about May 09.
It seems in this interview they are still talking '08. Wonder how old this FAQ/interview may be.

ChampIDC4746d ago

Hm, I don't know how I missed that news. Maybe this is an old interview then.

Garethvk4746d ago

They are working very very hard on it. I have an interview in the works with them and the P.R. Rep said they have pushed back all interviews so they can focus entirely on development, so I got the FAQ's sent to me.

meepmoopmeep4746d ago

i really hope the extra time will really get this game polished up.

Garethvk4746d ago

True, they promised to give me updates as things change.