​Titanfall Is Getting A Co-Op Horde Mode

Kirk Hamilton (Kotaku) writes: Titanfall is a lot of fun, but there's no denying that it feels a little… thin. The game's exclusive focus on player-vs.-player combat left many of us wishing for a bit more variety. Good news: The game's latest update will add a cooperative mode to the game, and it looks pretty cool.

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4logpc3022d ago

Hmm thats cool. Hits tomorrow. Ill def have to check this out.

LonDonE3022d ago

Agreed i cant wait to check this out!
On a side not i have to commend Respawn for the continued support of this game and the great updates after updates which added content/modes etc other devs should take note.

Also i hope they release a offline bot mode and more co op stuff.
I LOVE THE GAME, and have said again and again the core formula is mind blowing and demonstrates that this franchise has a big future! once we get to the 2nd and 3rd iteration this game should be even more solid.

I just wish they would drop the game down to native 720p and lock the frame rate to 60fps with full vsync so we get no tearing! it really is a great looking game and that in itself is an achievement since its on the ancient source engine.
I think for the sequels they should use a new engine!

4Sh0w3022d ago

This is definitely very cool.

Spenok3021d ago

That's pretty cool. It's good to see them adding some good content to the game. I wonder if it's too late though? I haven't really heard much about this game lately.

KingKionic 3022d ago

Damn this is the best news. My tears overflow.

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WeAreLegion3022d ago

That's excellent! I prefer co-op to competitive multi-player, anyway. :) Can't wait for this.

Psychotica3022d ago

Now just add offline multiplayer vs bots and I might actually play this again..

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The story is too old to be commented.