2.40 InGameXMB Music Access revealed in latest PSBlog update?

The latest Official PlayStation Blog entry may have revealed InGame XMB Music Access, relating to the ongoing question that is "InGame XMB Access - Will it have Music?"...

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Darkiewonder4744d ago

If anything you'll accesss it in the options just like the psn/ps3 games that have "in game soundtrack"

sonarus4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Actually, i am pretty sure that custom soundtracks were already announced for a future burnout update

Edit: Yup i was right

Calvin_ISA4744d ago

We're getting in game music this time!!! :D

barom4743d ago

It's quite obvious that it's custom soundtracks only for Burnout and not via XMB. They've been touting this feat for a long time as part of their Burnout update. And if you look at the post it comes from a Burnout developer. I mean it's great to be optimistic, just be prepared to get disappoint.

I'm not trying to say in-game XMB custom soundtrack won't happen (in fact I'm confident it'll be here in 1-2 months), but I think it's quite obvious the guy is talking strictly about Burnout and not in-game XMB.

will114743d ago

this has nothing to do with 2.40 cause the 360 version of burnout already has custom soundtracks and they are adding it to PS3.

Tomdc4743d ago

kool feature, but I'm curios as to its specifics. Would it say include gun shots if we wanted to in some games with the music in the background? I guess this wouldn't happen with any other games but future ones could have it as an option. Also will we keep having to stop the music at every cut scene? By no means a big problem but if its a important cut scene you could end up missing the first few seconds while u stop your music...

Not tht I'm criticising at all, 2.4 really does look great and I am very thankfull for Sony =)

I hate it when you try and express your opinion about something shortly and then move on but you end up writing a big paragraph lol!

Amanosenpai4743d ago

In game music is another EXCLUSIVE of the 360

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Darkiewonder4744d ago

I know. They posted on the about it already [after they put it on their website ages ago] O.o


Yeah, it's not in-game xmb access. that's what i meant about that blog post they are rumorizing.

I don't think they'll change because if they do it'll have to go through Sony's Q&A again which means a delay for the update =)

VampHuntD4744d ago

The music and other stuff is just for the "year of paradise" updates, it has nothing to do with 2.4 really.

SL1M DADDY4743d ago

It looks more game specific than anything else. Oh, and I love Vampire Hunter D. Great flick.

scottmichael4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

yeah, its game specific, nothing to do with 2.4, but please, lets have some more straws to cling onto

i think the best we can hope for is, press the ps button during game - play a song - press the button again - return to game - song goes off :D

Same of which i think will be with voice chat :|

and all its features infact, i cant see sony losing another 40-64mb of memory to run the os in the background

have a read of this

this was prior launch, when ingame xmb was accessible, but now u can see why it was removed

AssassinXIII4743d ago

2 wait more than a year 2 get a feature console " X " had 4 years now

PMR_214743d ago

what else is great?

seeing you lose your bubbles for making such retarded statements

gunnerheadboy4743d ago

You have horrible grammar and horrible spelling.

thereapersson4743d ago

... To have a console that has worked from day one and hasn't had a fatal system error like Red Ring of Death!

I don't even play my XBOX enough to worry about that, however.

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