PALGN: Race Driver: GRID Review - We line up at the GRID and prepare to accelerate

PALGN writes: "Codemasters has always produced really solid racing games, dating back to the days of TOCA and even more recently with the V8 Supercars titles. If Codemasters is behind a racing game, then it's a pretty safe bet that the game is a good title. Rather than update either of the aforementioned franchises for the next generation of consoles, Codemasters has developed Race Driver: GRID, which is a game that can be best descriped as a simulation and arcade hybrid racing game. So has the team delivered again or fallen to the back of the pack?

The main mode in Race Driver: GRID is the Grid World mode. The objective of Grid World is to win races and improve your reputation; as you win races (or even as you just participate in races) you will earn money, which can then be used to purchase new vehicles. The game is split up into three geographical regions: the US, Europe and Japan. Each of these geographical regions has different race types and tracks, such as the Nurburgring, which is in Europe and when racing in the US you'll be able to race in San Francisco. As you progress through the Grid World mode you'll need to purchase newer vehicles. Vehicles can be purchased brand new or secondhand through eBay Motors. Anyone who downloaded the demo for GRID will have realised that there is an eBay motors cup and the fact you can purchase cars secondhand through eBay Motors may have a few people cringing. But, they shouldn't be, it works well in the context of the game and adds a sense of realism to the title."

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