Battlefield: Bad Company Interview - Part 3

PALGN writes: "Get a little insight to some of the weapons and vehicles featured in the game.

In the third and final part of our interview with Battlefield: Bad Company's Senior Producer, Kar Magnus Troedsson, we've focused on the weapons that are featured in the game. Troedsson has discussed how the development team went about choosing the weapons that would appear in the final build, some of the vehicles players will be taking control of and, finally, his personal favourite weapons.

PALGN: How did you go about choosing and creating the weapons that appear in the game?

Karl Magnus Troedsson: The hardware we choose to add in any Battlefield game is based upon a couple of things. Firstly they of course need to fit the setting but the other thing is what gameplay they can add to the experience. Does the real life equivalent of the weapon or vehicle have any specific feature that we can turn into a gameplay element? That makes them much more interesting."

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