Could Bully/Liberty City Stories/Vice City Stories Be The Next Rockstar Games To Go Mobile?

"Rockstar has taken quite a shine to the iOS and Android platforms over the last few years. Where other developers and publishers have become fearful of mobile gaming and its effect on the console market, Rockstar has embraced it.

The latest release on iOS and Android was GTA: San Andreas, with Vice City and GTA III coming before them as well as Max Payne getting the mobile treatment.

They've gone down a storm with players and it seems that Rockstar are looking to continue their successive form on mobile devices by bring yet another game from their extensive portfolio to the smaller screen."

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SteamPowered3027d ago

Oh yes, bring on the Bully. I play GTA:VC and GTA:SA on my Shield all the time. The more great ports (to android) the better!

CaspuR3027d ago

i play every rockstar game on my ipad, but there so frustrating hard to play, the controls are just blahh, with that said i would love to buy bully again ^^.

SteamPowered3027d ago

If you ever make the move to Android, check out an Nvidia Shield. They are $200 and will play almost anything you throw at it. From NES, Super Nes, PSP, PSX, N64, it plays it all. And they are considerably cheaper than an Ipad. You can even hook the Shield up to your Tv if you want to use bluetooth controller.
Anyways, give it a looksie before buying your next tablet.

CaspuR3027d ago

thanks ill check it out

crazychris41243027d ago

All of the gta games on the psp were great. Now please make a spin off gta vita game.

FlyingFoxy3027d ago

Agreed, though VCS was way better than LCS.. then again LCS was hugely better than GTA 3 (worst one of all imo)

joshw20113027d ago

Please make Bully 2 instead!

WeAreLegion3027d ago

I hope they are. I imagine the team started work on it after Max Payne 3.

3027d ago
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