Sixense to Make 'special announcment' on STEM launch at Next SFVR Meetup, Line Up Announced

VRFocus - It’s almost time for another virtual reality (VR) community Meetup. Tuesday 28th October sees the seventh San Francisco VR (SFVR) event take place, bringing with it a wide range of VR exhibits, talks and demos. Highlighting the line up is a tease of a ‘special announcement’ from Sixense about the anticipated launched of its upcoming STEM System motion controllers for VR experiences.

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SteamPowered2647d ago

Nicely done. I cant wait for the follow up after the VR show. I am very interested in the peripherals used with VR. It seems that is really the last piece of the VR puzzle.
I really hope VR takes off past video games and moves to more interactive media. With Peter Jackson and James Cameron showing interest in VR, I feel this could be a huge shift in media medium. Imagine a concert or PPV fight where you could actually move around and feel like you are there. Maybe get different camera angles to feel like you're in the ring or on stage.
Future looks very promising for VR.

user56695102647d ago

being brought by ORift???