Master Chief Collection like “binging on Netflix” says 343

games™ sat down with Dan Ayoub, executive producer for Halo at 343, discussing the lofty ambitions of Halo: TMCC

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gamesTM_dom1677d ago

"I liken it a lot to binging on Netflix before a next season of something comes out; it’s a great way for people to catch up.” - Dan Ayoub

qwerty6761677d ago

pretty much

i bet theres going to be streamers doing the 1-4 campaign non-stop.

gamesTM_dom1677d ago

Having been lucky enough to see a little of the remastered Halo 3 in action, I'll happily just have some Twitchers on in the corner of my screen as I work: it's amazing how much better they've managed to improve what was already a pretty decent-looking 360 game.

Also, the small changes in the PvP [velocity added to melee, guns on the Mongoose(!)] make the whole thing very fresh and very nostalgic at the same time... it's a cliche to say that, but damned if it's not true

SteamPowered1677d ago

I have never played a Halo game before, but my friends are hyped to the maximum allowable levels for the MCC. So I am pretty excited to play through all the games in remastered glory. Hopefully I can see for myself what all the buzz is about.

gamer_xaf1677d ago

It's got a lot to do with WHEN you first played Halo. Playing the games for the first time now is not going to be the same as playing it back in 2000.

A lot of innovations have come to the FPS genre since then and Halo can feel dated today.

Back in 2000 though, THERE WAS NOTHING LIKE HALO! It was the first time on console that we had a FPS with open levels, 16 player LAN MP, and vehicles. To most console gamers it was there first time with a modern FPS (Doom, Golden Eye, and Turok were what we were used to).

But because you have now played COD, Gears of War, Half-Life 2, Battlefield, etc. Halo might not give you the same wow factor as it did gamers back then.

Well after all that, it's still an amazing franchise and is one of the best shooters of all time. It's also still crazy fun to play!

SteamPowered1677d ago

Ha ha, I hear you there guy. My memories of gaming in my youth do come out rather rosy colored. Luckily I am the type of guy to just play the game and enjoy it. Resolutions and stuff are just icing. I am playing HL2 on my shield right now in fact.
I am a big fan of old school ROMs and such, so I have a feeling this will be a good start. Hopefully I can truck on through all 4 games and be ready for Guardians.

UnHoly_One1677d ago

Well said.

Playing it now for the first time will probably elicit a lot of "so what's the big deal again?" reactions from the first time players, just because they have been playing games for the last 13 years that have borrowed and learned from Halo and they didn't realize it.

gamer_xaf1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I can't wait for this!