neotopia Dev: Home Was Built On A Very Old System; We Want To Embrace Project Morpheus

"We spoke with David Dow about what went wrong with PlayStation Home and the improvements they are planning for neotopia, including support for Project Morpheus."

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kaiserfranz1482d ago

I had great hopes for PS Home, but ultimately it was very boring. I hope this one can have better activities.

Imp0ssibl31482d ago

Me too but it doesn't look like it's going to reach funding, sadly.

LavaLampGoo1482d ago

Ohhh this could be really interesting with a bit of Morpheus involved. I never played home, but if you can create your own space and show it off with some immersive goggles to your friends I can see myself getting sucked into it :P

Alexious1482d ago

Agreed, Project Morpheus seems perfect for a game like this, although I believe this is supposed to be third person by default. In VR, first person is king.

Aurenar1482d ago

I loved the concept behind PS Home. The idea was great but the execution was very disappointing. I'm curious about this new project (or natural evolution?)

tlougotg1482d ago

The project was ambitious and i even think well implemented considering the hardware limitation and what they had to work with. I believe the issue had to do with the resources they had disposable and that didnt let Home fully realize itself.
I think it was a good first try and with Ps4 they could do alot better and build on what they know works.

Alexious1482d ago

It is true, as the dev says, that PS Home was just too slow in pretty much everything. It was a painful experience, which is the opposite of what attracts casual gamers.

mixelon1482d ago

Hmm something like Xi with VR would be pretty great.

PSHome in its heyday was fun, I hope they pull this off.

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