Are men the real victims of Gamergate?

Rice Digital's ILJG questions whether men are also victims in the gamegate controversy, what can be done about it - and how men need to change.

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Patashnik1675d ago

Holy shit - that was... kind of intense.

Fizzler1675d ago

Let me know if you want a repeat performance! x

DaveyB1674d ago

He raises some good points - whether people want to admit it or not.

Spenok1670d ago

What most people don't realize is, when people are perceived as Misogynistic (even if they are NOT AT ALL misogynists), they tend to be treated with often equal, and sometimes more hate than they themselves are being accused of. The word is Misandrist or Misandry.

Both of these, Misogyny and Misandry, just need to go away. Their both terrible viewpoints for anyone to have. All they do is bring forth hatred and just hurt people.

People also don't realize that it's not only women who get treated the way they do. Plenty of men in the industry have been threatened in the same way. It happens to both men and women. It's ugly, and needs to stop.

3-4-51674d ago

Somebody should just start a New Pound Sign Super Cool Quote word and then re-start GG.

* Make it about only corrupt journalism.

From that point on, if anyone tries to say it's something else, they are misleading or lying, because it will be known it's about only stopping corrupt journalism.

* They stole the #GamerGate thing and hijacked it for their own purpose.

Let them have that name.....start a new one.

If they do it again, they will have shown their true colors.

C'mon people you need to be smarter.

This whole GG thing has gotten out of control.

Spenok1670d ago

Not a bad idea, why not start it yourself?

NotAFanboyJustReal1674d ago

What's this "Gamergate" crap and who the hell cares?!

Fizzerd1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I wanted to ask that too. I've seen that word over 100 times the last week but still don't know what it means.

Highlife1674d ago

I didn't know about it until today.


This is an interesting statement

"The idea of GamerGate supporters being "trolls" who just want a rise out of people may be supported by a chart that Baio tweeted. It shows that most people who tweet about GamerGate only recently created their Twitter accounts."

So gamergate = trolls

NoClipMode1674d ago


Congratulations on being brainwashed by corrupt media. Exactly what GG is against. If you're a gamer you should be on our side.

Highlife1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I game and check game news in my spare time don't have a whole lot. I honestly don't really care. There are games for me to play. That is what matters to me. I don't put much stock in reviews anyway so I don't really care. This is just a hobby comes after my wife, kids, and sports.

Gamer drama lol

Maybe if people would pay less attention to reviews and try the game for themselves this wouldn't even be an are slowly becoming irrelevant with twitch. Watch someone play the game come up with your own review.

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Mega241674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

#Gamergate is about transparency in gaming media, exposing the corrupted and lying on gaming journalists. But the gaming media keeps trying to make it about harassment against woman or bullying when it really isn't. They are trying to make it go away by changing the true purpose behind gamergate.

@DaveyB They are succeeding on making it what they want it to be, if that is your response.

DaveyB1674d ago


Spenok1670d ago

Marxism basically. Or in definition, if someone wants the vast majority to believe something, weather it is true or not, they create a false definition, or theory, and make everyone believe they are being oppressed, or held down.

Gamergate is just one of them. There are plenty of other Marxist theories taking hold, and people believe them with no basis. That's basically what's happening here. They skew what one or two people who claimed to be part of Gamergate said or did, and used that as the primary message against Gamergate. I.E. some douchebag online threatening women developers. When in truth, it's original intention was to, as you said, expose the lies of gaming journalism, and bring about transparency of said journalists.

Septic1674d ago

Its a lot of weird things apparently.

* Sexism
* Journalistic Integrity
* Journalists sleeping with game devs
* Anita Sarkeesian
* Angry Twitter Rants
* 4Chan
* Death threats from quadruple chinned internet gangstas
* A lot of noise

Meh...I try to stay away from all the fuss.

Omnisonne1674d ago

Wise choise, it seems for every person getting himself involved without really knowing whats up, another coal gets added to the fire.

In the end all this fuss isnt going to keep you from playing your games. In the worst case it might affect the bigger developers on how they create their games.
Though game devs emerge from all corners, indie studios are proof of this

Gaming will never die, simply put
Reviewers will have to earn trust, not take it for granted. So far people seemed pretty decent in picking the bad apples out of the basket

uth111674d ago

I cared very little for two months, but now that it's smearing all gamers as horrible people in the one-sided mainstream press stories, I feel like I've been drawn in.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Screw Gamergate! More industries should promote workers and partners on how good they are in bed instead of actual hard work and maturity...................... .... .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . .............................. . ................../s

hankmoody1674d ago

To me, the more devout GamerGate backers are the equivalent of that one guy at the anti-abortion rally who thinks it's totally justifiable to kill a doctor working at an abortion clinic.

mandf1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

What are you talking about? Gaming journalism is corrupt and childish and that's what we are standing up too.

I support gamergate based on one simple fact transparency.

I don't support any kind of discrimination of any kind.

I support equal rights to all.

I don't support death threats.

I don't support name calling.

Every negative thing spouted by those implemented by gamergate are deflecting the direction of the purpose of gamergate.

Don't speak on something until you educate yourself. The scum that threaten, discriminate, and are fueled by hate don't represent me or gamergate.

The basic principle of gamergate is to expose the corruption of the videogame industry done by journalists. If you read on a game website we are responsible for threats or discrimination, they are probably one of the sites that are responsible for gamergate and it's rise to power. Scumbags are responsible for this and don't represent me or the cause I believe in.This isn't going away and is not going to be swept under the rug.

It was the corrupt websites that discriminated and humiliated the female game designer. Not us gamers. They wrote about it and joked and her sleeping with people. Not us. How do you think it came to light.

Yes us gamers are immature at times but we aren't journalists that have to be held to standards. They are the one shaping the discussion. 70% of the articles today are negative and childish flamebait for clicks that create revenue.

Kyosuke_Sanada1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

The reaction how most people are interpreting the movement by the stupidity of a few does prove the old saying "Your good work will die with your bones but your sins will be remembered forever....."

hankmoody1674d ago

You probably thought that Gamer's Bill of Rights that was written recently was a work of genius. I'm not going to sit here and argue with you on this but what I will do is direct you to an article on Medium that puts things in proper perspective.

mandf1674d ago


Wow a hate filled person is your response. Gmaergate is not about feminism and idiots that threaten people. Way to be off track. Everything in your link is an obstruction of the main issue about gamergate. It's called deflection.

hankmoody1674d ago

Dude, you're more concerned with arguing against me than you are against the very people who are derailing the GamerGate movement with their poisonous comments and behavior! Go after them, not me! What concerns me and should ultimately concern you is that people on the outside are looking at all this and judging gamers as a whole based on the words and actions of a minority group within the movement. It seems like most of the people who would even bother with GamerGate are those who get pissed off when a game they're looking forward to gets a 7 instead of a perfect score. Journalistic integrity to you guys seems to mean, "Don't disagree with us." That Gamer Bill of Rights proves this. This whole movement is idiotic and is doing NOTHING to help gaming and is only a breeding ground for hate and immaturity.

mandf1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )


If a reviewer wants to give a harsh score go for it. I don't care. I'm sick and tired of being called a rascist, homophobe, and a discriminater because of a few idiots. There is real corruption in our industry and it starts with journalism not gamers.

We should be debating how to hold the journalists accountable for the venom they created in our industry. Us sega and nintendo fans got along and respected each other. Now every article created is inciting us to fight amoungst ourselves. Console war this console war that. A reviewer can't just judge a game, they have to down another on a different console. This stuff is old. Us gamers look like idiots because the way journalist steer the gaming conversation.

Gamergagte is about fixing things. Not making them worse. Rascists, threateners and discriminaters need not apply. We want as gamers want better from journalists. Hundreds of games have been announced this year and all we get is slander, negativity, and flamebait articles. This shit is old. It's about time gamers stand up for the industry we love.

Games are freedom of expression none should be oppressed. But this whole we are all angry and violent is bs. The scum don't represent the whole and it should be said. Your article is about rage and venom wether it's right or not.

Gamergate should be a civilized and rational discussion. without all the bs.

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Spotie1674d ago

You've lost it. You truly have. The "devout" followers of gamergate advocate journalistic transparency, and have been involved in anti bullying campaigns and the like.

If you think they're anything like the nutjobs you mentioned, that's because you're buying into the obviously biased narrative that the threatened journalists are feeding you to save their own asses.

Honestly, people like you are the biggest threat to gaming.

hankmoody1674d ago

Yeah, people like me who have been supporting gaming for over 30+ years (longer than you've been alive I'm willing to bet) are the biggest threat to gaming. How so exactly? Too bad you can't reply with your one bubble used up but allow me to say that I think people who feel so entitled that they can dictate what the gaming press should and shouldn't be reporting on are the threat here, a behavior which you seem to be in favor of. So who's the real threat here?

Megaplaynate1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )


Throwing the old gamer card, huh, I've been gaming for only 20 years and we've seen a lot, haven't we. But the thing is, I'm astonished by the articles that have been popping up for the past 2 months, game "journalists" attacking their public or dictating if a game is sexist or racist, totally ignoring the developers vision, destroying careers, all following some sort of agenda.
We don't want to dictate what journalists should write, we just want them to adhere to a code of ethics and transparency, to leave the double standards aside, is it that hard for them?

Kyosuke_Sanada1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

You say people on the outside are judging Gamergate by the works of a few bad eggs yet you are doing the same before you even end your comment while ignoring the information given by gamers who are actually concerned......

rainslacker1674d ago all your hate filled comments that completely disregard what GG is about, you never actually say whether or not you are for or against some level of ethical behavior from the gaming press.

You seem to be very willing to dismiss GG for the actions of a few, and unable to recognize that GG is a movement by gamers to protect our own voice within the community, but can't seem to take a side other than the currently perpetuated narrative that GG is all about vitriol and hate for others. you have an opinion on whether or not the gaming press should be transparent and ethical in their reporting practices? Do you care if they are or not? As a gamer of 30+ years, doesn't it concern you that a extremely small fringe group is gaining so much control over the gaming press? Does it concern you that the gaming press is colluding to decide when, and how, news and issues shall be presented to the community? All these things affect gamers. I find it hard to call you a gamer, no matter how much you may have played games in the past.

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knifefight1674d ago

The comments at the bottom of the article are terrifying.

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