GameStop ad (10/22 - 10/28)

This week's GameStop ad has gone live.

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Macdaddy711671d ago

GameStop lol....I didn't want to start buying my games online cause I like the disk n trade deals you got some times, but at my gamestop worker told me GameStop has all but done away with trade offers anymore, so I guess I'll go online for now on....saying bye to gamestop not really a bad thing anyways

user55757081671d ago

and as usual nothing that is actually a deal

and who in their right mind would buy a smartphone or tablet from gamestop?

Spenok1669d ago

Their's some price drops in there, which do actually qualify as a "Deal." However none of them are worth it. Which is typical of them. As far as your second question? I have no idea. Probably someone who doesn't know any better about technology, such as a soccer mom or a kid.

1670d ago