Why “all the hatred” actually makes a difference

Mark Thompson puts on his"left wing" cardigan to explain why it really does matter what games kids play, how it can alter their thinking process and why most of their parents need to be soundly thrashed with a stick for being so stupid.

"Both boys regularly spouted Duke’s inappropriate and sexist rhetoric towards women. They didn't care if it was an old lady, a child or anyone in between. It was quite simply a disgusting tirade of comments learned from Duke Nukem and trotted out every few minutes for their amusement. It was big and it was clever."

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InfiniteZero281675d ago

Well said! I agree that If you wouldnt buy them a pack of cigs or other things focused to more mature audiences than why buy them a M rated game. Especially one with very intense and violent content

Gpole1673d ago

Agreed. Very good read