Media Create hardware sales (10/13 - 10/19)

This week's Japanese hardware sales include second week sales for New 3DS.

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Geobros1510d ago

1) 3DS
2) 3DS
3) 3DS
4) Vita

If there were another 3DS model japaneses would buy it too, lol!!

CARROT1809941510d ago

i think japan might like their handhelds

Spenok1505d ago

Lol that's ridiculous. I love my 3DS. But it really doesn't have as many games as I would like. It keeps my attention when a new game comes out, I.E. recently Smash 3DS, and the other day Fantasy Life (so yes, I a currently playing it lol). However when I am done I find myself wanting more. It's way better than when it launched though. It's just not quite up to the DS standards of game releases.

kalimero21510d ago

everything dead exept 3DS.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1510d ago

3DS just steps on everything.

qwerty6761510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

i like to click on these just to see the xbox one numbers

its just sooo beyond bad. i dont even know what Microsoft can do at this point.

it probably has to do with console gaming as a whole but man, its those numbers are abysmal for a new console.

at least Sony has the vita so they remain somewhat relevant in japan, Microsoft probably needs something like that.

maybe like a mobile phone that excels at gaming.

MasterCornholio1510d ago

"maybe like a mobile phone that excels at gaming."

They do own Nokia so many they could produce an NGAGE 2. But the problem is that Nintendo is an absolute monster in Japan when it comes to handheld gaming so I dont know if Microsoft can compete with that.

"its just sooo beyond bad. i dont even know what Microsoft can do at this point."

That was pretty obvious before they even launched the system in Japan. I don't know why that surprised you.

NikeJustDoesit1510d ago

Japan is Nintendo territory no doubt about it. Those X1 numbers tho... >.>

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