Lazygamer - Sunset Overdrive – Impressions, grinds and shotguns

We've been playing Sunset Overdrive here at And we've walked away with some impressions so far. Well, the ones that we're allowed to talk about at the moment, at least.

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moonstormer1459d ago

Silly NDAs - I wish you could show more! Will be patient for full review. Still not convinced on this one.

G20WLY1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Agreed. For me, fun is good, but silly is bad - I'm not sure where this falls yet, but I have concerns regarding repetition as well.

Maybe there will be more variation than we've seen.

Nekroo911459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Ive seen 2hours of gameplay and its exactly what you saw.

The game doesent take a brake and thats the problem, sometimes you have to defend others attack and thats it.

And they take 5 seconds to explain the story,theres a concert everyone drinks the same energy drink and done.

frameflip1459d ago

The more I see of this game, the more it looks like a mash-up of Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. Don't get me wrong, I love both of those franchises, but I was really hoping Insomniac would bring something more original and fresh to the table. I'll have to wait for it's release to see the final verdict, but so far I'm not impressed.

Septic1459d ago

I can see how a lot of this could get repetitive. Grind, build combo, shoot etc etc.

The game's co-op elements haven't been shown off that much, which is odd considering the first cgi reveal for the game. That might add more variety to the proceedings.

To me, Sunset Overdrive is all about just having a bit of a laugh. It doesn't strike me as a system seller or killer app at all. Still, it'll be good to have some variety on the X1.

Bigpappy1459d ago

From what I have seen, from the lengthy preview by Dual Shocker, it has quit a bit of interaction with other NPC who aid and support you. It is NOT constant grinding and shooting, and there seems to be some loot drops which is good for giving players a sense of accomplishment outside of achievements.

I still am not sure its my type of game, but that has more to do with the over the action that the younger group prefers that being repetitive. I think gameplay will have enough variety and tactics to keep those who like this kind of stuff happy. Ryse is more repetitive, and I have played the arena battles in that game more than any this year.

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ElleGee1459d ago

I am just not sold on the game. Seems like mindless stuff.

smoothop1459d ago

It's supposed to be mindless fun, you lot are going on like every game has to be serious.

Ron_Danger1459d ago

One thing I've noticed through the years playing games by insomniac (coming from a gamer who's played all their console games since Disruptor on PS1): their games all have a great honeymoon period (meaning they keep you wanting more right away early on in the game to keep you playing) but once you hit that plateau, their games tend to turn into a grind fest. For example, getting the Ryno in the first Ratchet & Clank took forever (even if you used the race track bolt glitch) or the 10,000 kill trophy in Resistance 2's multiplayer.

smoothop1459d ago

You make a good point and could be right. I don't personally think its a system seller, but the game no doubt looks fun and I think the co-op side of it is where its going to be best. I like what i'm seeing with it so far and there's plenty more to be shown.

A lot of the hate is coming from people that don't like Xbox and its that simple, if you don't agree with the Sony fanboy's you are screwed on this site. Its seems like you get rewarded bubbles for being a Sony fanboy and shafted for liking anything that's coming to Xbox. It's got to the point that people can't express themselves anymore.

Ron_Danger1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

One problem I have with gamers today (and this is an issue created be media and marketing firms) is that they tend to think that a single exclusive is meant to be a system seller. Personally, I'll never buy a console just for one game. It's the collection of exclusives as a whole that make up my decision to purchase.

People need to stop using other outlets definition of system seller because when gamers start recycling terms, they lose their meaning all together and the comment sections turn into sales figure comparisons because the media labeled them as "system sellers."

USMC_POLICE1459d ago

it just looks stupid in my opinion

DarkLord10031459d ago

I just wish there would be a certain sense of speed while grinding also the enemies look kind of boring.

smoothop1459d ago

This game is all about the game play and having fun. It looks like it will be a blast co-op and good for speed running. The mechanics look smooth and fluid and the art direction is perfect for a game like this. Its refreshing to see a developer taking risks and doing something different. Day one for me.

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