Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed Unity was 'impossible' on Last-Gen Consoles

During an interview with Examiner (via GamePur), Alex Amancio, the creative director, stated that the development team was not able to make a last-gen version of the next Assassin's Creed.

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Ezz20131461d ago

It's 'impossible' on this Gen too.

smolinsk1461d ago

Yes as we all know by now it is impossiple on this gen too:D

CocoWolfie1461d ago

took the words right from my mouth XD

bradfh1461d ago

Assassin's Creed can only handle 900p because of the bugs that they cant fix.

himdeel1461d ago

They should just stop talking about this game already. There is no olive branch they can present that wont be broken, burned, and pissed on. Besides the more they talk about it the less I want it.

SaffronCurse1461d ago

Their games have really been shit recently. Sucks because they used to make amazing games.

starchild1461d ago

How so? Are you saying that the PS4 and Xbox One versions are mere mirages? That they don't really exist? lol

It's sad that such a silly comment would get so many agrees.

The game is very much possible on this gen and it looks fantastic, even at 900p.

But if Unity isn't possible on this gen because it is running at a resolution below 1080p does that mean that games like The Order 1886 are impossible on this gen too? It's running at a lower resolution as well. I expect all of you guys to start hating on that game, otherwise you are hypocrites.

Ezz20131461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

1. that was just a Joke but you are soo sensetive that any thing to you is for real

2.their game is not even 1080p and they can't even make a stable framerate...and the GFX doesn't look that much better than Black Flag

3.There is nothing sad but your comments TBH
you keep defend every thing Ubisoft do
like you work for them or something
they never do any thing wrong in your little eyes one here is bashing their games ..they are just bashing Ubisoft Policy

also it's not about just Resolution
it's about them not trying to push both consoles to their limits and wants only parity

also if Unity is pushing half the GFX The order 1886 is showing one would ever complain
but it don't
not only that but the fact that they admit that they are going for parity and then backtrack their own words ....and now Ubisoft Developer is saying :
"Linear story games are really going to suffer in the modern marketplace" who they really are
i mean WTF is that ?!
But hey, you must be cool with that since they can do no wrong
you act like they are only hated for what they do here on N4G
go to what ever site you like
the result will still be the same

and stop with your damn sad excuse that any one not Ok with what Ubisoft is doing
is a fanboy
They are 3rd party Developer ...there is no conspiracy here
and never once i said i hate their games
in fact i F love Assassin's creed Black flag ...and i even liked Watch_Dog
So cut the crap already

starchild1460d ago

1. I know it was a joke, but it makes no sense and isn't funny anyway.

2. The graphics look much better than Black Flag. You need glasses. Unity is using provably more advanced graphics tech than Black Flag. The character models feature more polygons, better skin shaders, sub-surface scattering, new hair rendering tech, and physically based rendering. The whole game is at a 1-to-1 scale, whereas Black Flag was at two-thirds scale. There is simply more being rendered on screen in Unity by far. The whole game has been upgraded to a physically based rendering approach to materials and lighting, on top of the HDR global illumination model. The scale of the crowds is insane. No other game comes close to having the number of NPCs on screen as AC Unity. Those are just a few of the ways that Unity is far superior to Black Flag, but there are plenty of others as well.

3. If you read enough of my comment history you would see that I don't say only good things about Ubisoft. I just think that they are being unfairly attacked for illogical reasons. Ubisoft have made a lot of really great games I have played recently and they are one of the few third party devs that go out of their way to add graphical enhancements for most of their PC games. They don't deserve most of this hate. Bashing Ubisoft is just another one of the stupid bandwagons we get in gaming.

So what is this Ubisoft policy that you are supposedly bashing? Please don't say "parity" because that's just nonsense. They have never said their policy is parity. In fact they have officially stated that they do not and will not limit their games on any platform. All of their games so far have shown differences and advantages for the more powerful hardware. Their PC versions have extra graphical features beyond both consoles and their PS4 versions have always shown advantages over the Xb1 versions.

The mere fact that AC Unity is currently the same resolution on PS4 as on XB1 does not mean that they are the same in other areas. I will bet you money that AC Unity will have superior graphics on PS4 than on XB1 and may run better as well.

So how about you just wait until you actually have the facts before crucifying Ubisoft?

When a Ubisoft dev said 30fps is more cinematic I called him out for it. That's just not true and it was a stupid thing to say. I criticize Ubisoft or any other developer when they actually deserve it, but most of the hate they have been getting lately is not warranted.

AC Unity looks amazing and you have to be blind not to see that. It is easily one of the best looking games yet and definitely competes with The Order 1886, while also being a massive open world game. If you can't see what a huge accomplishment that is I don't know what to tell you.

As far as them being bashed on other sites beyond N4G, well that's true, but it doesn't make it right. It's mostly the same few thousand people that visit all the different game sites and make the most noise. A lot of the same people on N4G I've also seen on sites like neogaf or gamespot, for example. It's really just a vocal minority of people that probably account for less than 1% of gamers, but they seem to think they are really important. In reality most sensible gamers and the entire industry don't ultimately care too much what these fanboys think. But it's still wrong for them to spread their irrational hate all over the internet.

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Hellsvacancy1461d ago

Isn't that how a next gen games should be anyway?

spacedelete1461d ago

Ubisoft talk too much. can gaming sites stop contacting and interviewing them or is Ubisoft just spouting loads of troll comments to create artificial hype ? Ubisoft games have good concepts but the games are terrible. why is Assassin's Creed called Assassin Creed if theres not many ways to kill target ? Hitman Blood Money is what the Assassin's Creed games should belike.

Willio1461d ago

Lol. Impossible.

-Still the same climbing up for birds eye view with long cinematics
-same AI
-counter kill everything.

I hope at least they take out the following your target and sit at a bench BS. The only thing new from the last game was pirating the seas which in fact was more fun than the original game itself.

martinezjesus19931461d ago

I absolutely hate the whole following a person without being detected missions, they are just such a pain! And most of the time I'm too busy trying not to get seen than actually listening to what they say. They are pointless. I agree that it doesnt look impossible on last gen, but it does look like the best AC since Ac2. I just couldnt stand the whole pirating thing in blackflag

Amorist891461d ago

The Ubisoft ego trip continues. Impossible is a meaningless word with them, most of what they say is so pretentious.

Assassins Creed should be selling it's appeal on its own merit, no need to delve into the "what if?" scenarios.

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