The Legend of Korra - An experience of the Avatar in playable form?

MWEB GameZone writes: "According to Nickelodeon’s, The Legend of Korra Producer, Co-Creator and Vice President, hardcore fans of the animated series will not be disappointed in the video game. But yet again, reviews are painting a different picture."

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NovusTerminus1458d ago

Who cares what the reviewers think, the fans enjoy the game and that's what matters. Steam is at a 90% Positive on it's reviews.

Also, from IGN.
"It’s not for older people who enjoy a good action game, because next to contemporaries like Batman: Arkham City, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and even Platinum’s own Bayonetta 2, Korra looks terrible with its simple two-button combos and poor combat scenario design."

Why are they comparing a %15 dollar game to Bayo, Batman and Shadow of Mordor.

They are reviewing budget games to compare with AAA budgets, so, Korra had about the same budget as a normal Kickstarter game, so why are we holding up with 15 hour stories and multi-million dollar projects?

the_dark_one1458d ago

Agree with you, and that is what is happening alot to the reviewers, instead of judging the game for what it is, (and everyone knows this is a game more for the fans of the show) they are comparing it to 60 dollars games which probably have 10 times more the budget of this one.

Any ways still going to buy it today. looks fun and for 15euros cant go wrong either way :D

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Fro_xoxo1458d ago

Those of you who've played the game, What do you think of it?

Blackleg-sanji1458d ago

Its a great game nd almost ever
y comment section ive seen praises it, its a low budget game but really worth it for $15

TheUpbringer1458d ago

It's not bad. The start-up is a little slow and the bending takes a bit getting used to, but when you have multiple bending powers kicking ass, its pretty frantic and fun.

Fro_xoxo1458d ago

Thanks for the feedback guys. . I will be getting it. .

It's the closest I'll ever get to bending ^_^.

HanCilliers1458d ago

I don't mind it being low budget, as long as it's true to the series