Obvious Destiny Improvements That Bungie Ignores

It’s been over a month since Destiny was launched and the way Bungie looks to improve the game leaves a shallow taste on gamers’ tongues. Yes, they have been addressing all the bugs, glitches, loot caves, sneaky vendors and overpowered weapons, but Destiny needs major changes, it needs to be heavily improved. We’re all aware that this has been said over and over again, but the interesting part is that these changes are incredibly obvious and easy to put together. So why isn’t Bungie addressing them?

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JeffGUNZ1678d ago

The loot system is RANDOM, it can be frustrating but do we need yet another article about it? This is why I don't really care for the PVP. First, it's just not fun and second, the rewards rarely ever make it worth it. I agree that it can be very frustrating, but it's RNG, this is exactly what happens with this type of loot system.

I don't mind it because I know the point of legendary and exotic gear are the be rare drops. If they are dropping left and right then they won't be legendary or exotic. I don't think Bungie really WANTED everyone to be a level 30 within a month.

Neonridr1678d ago

funny thing is, I have found far fewer Legendary engrams out in the wild than I used to before the "patches" to improve it all. Sure the Cryptarch is less of a douchebag now, but the randomness to it made it a little more unique. If you actually got something Legendary it was a cause for excitement. You don't want to make it too easy for everyone to have nice stuff.

JeffGUNZ1678d ago

Exactly. When you see one drop your get legit excited haha. Did you ever see an exotic drop, or do they even drop? I never saw a gold drop before.

Neonridr1678d ago

no I have never seen one. I don't think they exist.

kneon1678d ago

I agree it shouldn't be too easy to get the best gear. But I've got a Cryptarch level of 26 and you could count the number of legendary and exotic items I've gotten from him on one hand.

starrman19851678d ago

Totally agree with that Neon, imagine my disappointment yesterday when I got my first legendary engram since the patch and it was a class item! I was actually hoping it didn't roll into an item and instead shards, but no, warlock band! (I'm a Titan, to add insult to injury!)

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Shadonic1678d ago

I like the PVP :( teleporting out of harms way just before I'm disinterested by a nova bomb or golden gun bullet is awesome to me.

Enate1677d ago

See my problem now lies in the random drops of the raid. Two weeks and not a single piece of raid gear I needed. An yet I can only run it once a week.

joab7771677d ago

Now that evzeryone used the glitch to get the Vex, I just want something new added to hard raid.

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The Meerkat1678d ago

Bungie simply found a way to get people to buy a game that feels like it should be free to play. It's a trick that will only work for them once.

Mehmeh1678d ago

Destiny feels like it should be free to play?


For a co-op/"single player" game it got decent amount of content,
even though the storyline is lacking a lot.
For a "mmo" it should've been more endgame content at launch/by now.
But still it is a good game, with good mechanics and feel, it does deliver content, just not living quite up to the hype.

But to say it feels like it should be free to play is just nonsense.
Like have you played it at all? Or with friends?

The Meerkat1678d ago

Yes it has great mechanics. Looks good too.
But the lack of story, random drops, the lack of scripted set pieces and the blandest generic bad guys make the game feel hollow. It has no soul.

War Thunder, World of Tanks, Warframe are FTP and feel like more complete games than Destiny.

I know you have to grind like hell in WOT to get anywhere, but when you do you feel like you earned it. Random drops don't give you that feeling of accomplishment.

OUROSMAG1678d ago

I love that the author assumes they are being ignored, unless you work for bungie you have little idea of what is being worked on.

pompombrum1678d ago

This, assuming Destiny still has enough of it's player base coming back daily, it would make a lot more business sense to make the first DLC look as desirable as possible.

Rooted_Dust1678d ago

They should do more to tie specific rewards to specific activities, out side of the exotic bounties.

legionsoup1678d ago

I was expecting a solid, well thought out list. Instead, it's literally 2 things.

1. Better rewards for people who do best in Crucible.
2. Creating sets of gear so players can use more than 1 exotic at a time.

kneon1678d ago

I'd like some other minor but annoying fixes addressed. The sound and radar boundaries are completely broken. I can hear enemies that are above or below me despite there being many metres of rock, dirt and concrete between us. The same goes for the radar.

That's just lazy.

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