Titanfall’s Biggest Update to be Revealed Today

Respawn Entertainment may be winding down on the updates for Titanfall, especially with the recently released IMC Rising map pack being the last piece of DLC for the game as of now, but it’s still supporting the game. Along with addressing various issues, Respawn has teased its “biggest update” yet, to be revealed later today on Twitch at 10 AM PST/5 PM UK.

What this update will include is anyone’s guess but there have been rumours in the past few weeks that Titanfall may finally be getting a Horde mode of sorts. Files for something known as “Frontier Defense” were discovered recently and while it could just be a different game mode altogether, it means something new for veteran players.

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PurpatraitorMGS1675d ago

Unfortunately, that game ran its course a long time ago for me.

Automatic791675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Still enjoying Titanfall. To me Destiny has run its course in a month for me. I feel that Titanfall and Shadow of Mordor brought something different by using old formulas love those two games this year by far.

Note: Titanfall just needed an awesome single player. Hope they bring in a tight crafted campaign for sequel.

headblackman1675d ago

im with you on that one. im still enjoying titanfall and all of the dlc that comes with it :)

radler1675d ago

I'm hoping for a horde mode, that would be cool. They could make it like the tutorial mission with enemy titans/soldiers dropping into the level, just in an unlimited number with occasional supples dropping around the map perhaps? I'd love something like that.

thezeldadoth1675d ago

I still play titanfall. I sold Destiny two weeks after buying it.

InTheLab1675d ago

While bare bones for an MMO, Destiny has 10 times the content that Titanfall and Titanfall needed much more than just a single player.

The game launched with a handful of content that other shooters would be killed for like....10 primary weapons, 3 titans, 6 titan weapons, etc. And that on top of having a sloppy story mode that was clearly thrown together.

Personally, I lasted about 10 hours in Titanfall and pumped in 4 times that in the Crucible of Destiny alone.

The difference between the two games is that one game got a pass and the other got hammered, and rightfully so. Both games are mediocre in my opinion but Destiny being meh really shocked me.

ThePope1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I haven't played Titanfall much recently but man when I do its a very intense experience. I'm on the edge of my seat the entire time. While its bare bones no doubt, few games offer that level of fast paced intense action.

thezeldadoth1675d ago

It doesn't matter how much content Destiny has if it's boring content. The crucible is terrible as well. Its a horribly balanced and awkward feeling pvp mode that doesn't really have a place alongside titanfall, halo, cod.

Bungie needs to rethink the whole franchise for the sequel.

donthate1675d ago

I gave up on Destiny within days of spending that $90 for digital guardian edition pre-launch. Still play Titanfall!

No doubt some are enjoying Destiny (and more power to them), but reality is that it isn't just me that thinks the game is [email protected], so does most of the critics!

We demand a better game Bungie!!!

Enough off topic, so bring it Respawn!

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GoPanthers9991675d ago

It is a good game, I have all the DLC and rarely play ot at this point. I prefer PvZ and getting new items to "regeneration" which honestly stinks.

They really cut us short on weapons, customization and the lack of a campaign along the lines of SW Battlefront.

This game was definitely overhyped based on the mp gameplay alone.

beereal3601675d ago

So why are u reading this

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ape0071675d ago

such an amazing addictive game, never gets old, best game so far in the nextgen along with Evil within and Watch Dogs

Septic1675d ago

Titanfall is great. Its just that it does feel barebones. Like a template for a sequel. The gameplay is blisteringly fast and enjoyable but its just missing that something.

Allsystemgamer1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

It got old for me after a week. Got halfway through gen 2 then uninstalled it. Alien isolation And shadow of mordor win for me

DirtyLary1675d ago

Titanfall, online game vs other games that are unpredictable got old? But playing Alien I. while crouch walking and hiding in lockers every minute does it for you.

ape0071675d ago

such an amazing addictive game, never gets old, best game so far in the nextgen along with Evil within and Watch Dogs

the development team is highly talented, almost scary talented when u imagine what they'll do with a huge sequel

qwerty6761675d ago

better come quick

already probably lost a bit of players to destiny and with cod on the horizon

this game will probably be a ghost town shortly.

hiredhelp1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

this game will probably be a ghost town shortly.

fans of titanfall will always want to go back to the game, its differnt its fresh sure people try Other new games but your saying because of this titanfall will become Stale then your be very wrong.
This style game just like Cod or Bf series you come back to anytime have bit fun i have just as much fun now as i did launch the devs still doing updates basicly "Support" is testiment to there commitment to gamers and there own IP.
They are talented yes as if you google rhe devs there background work in the field you know theyve worked on titles sony multiplatform even movie industry not just couple guys from infinity ward.

tinynuggins1675d ago

See I think it's destiny that's in trouble here as it peaked a few weeks back. With halo, cod and far cry within the month, destiny will fade away. Everyone I know has either sold their copy or just stopped playing.

tgunzz1675d ago

Very, very, very excited to find out! I love this game.

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