5 Cool PlayStation 4 features you probably didn’t know about

The PlayStation 4 is a great console with a ton of features. We all know the big, important things it can do, which has been advertised a lot by Sony. Such as how to use the Share button, download games in the background, live stream gameplay, and more. But there are a lot of smaller PlayStation 4 features that aren’t that well known — even Sony hasn’t really promoted them that much.

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Exies71460d ago

I could see a random person who bought the ps4 not knowing about these features, but anybody that goes to a gaming website to read articles, probably already knows about these things.

Mike_D821460d ago ShowReplies(3)
WeAreLegion1460d ago

These are key features that the PlayStation 4 informs you of, itself.

frezhblunts1459d ago

I mean come on I got my ps4 for those features when they showed it off. lol

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jambola1460d ago

I didn't know about the double tapping home button.
I really don't like the touch pad typing, it's a nice idea but i occasionally rub off of it when i'm trying to type :/

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