Here’s what some pro players think of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer Sledgehammer Games has invited a few well-known community members and pro players to try their hands at some multiplayer gameplay and captured their impressions on tape.

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Sneakybudda1677d ago

I was very dissatsfied in the last COD. But i am actually looking forward to this game. It is titanfall on steads dare to say it. But yeah it looks great. i cant wait to get my paws on it. meowww.

Meltic1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

how much did they pay them to actually say positive things rather negatives? It cant be perfect. or ?

Sneakybudda1677d ago

Good point squire. We will have to wait and find out.

XabiDaChosenOne1677d ago

Not much, all of these guys are COD commentators on youtube so their opinions on the game probably didn't have to be swayed.

Patrick_pk441677d ago

COD drones don't have to be persuaded, the people already believe that all the CODs and the future of the franchise are all masterpieces.

SolidStoner1677d ago

Well Search and Destroy is ruined for me with these suits.. and without them maps will be too small and vertical, many things will be inaccessible...

and those fake future weapons dont look good at all.. They better make ASAP WW2 or Vietnam or something like COD4 only with shiny and better everything!

So far map count also not impressive, like all COD's they get boring after a month and after that you are forced to buy DLC (I bet those maps are ready to release already, they are just waiting YOU to pay for) I say skip it and wait for them while they make proper COD..

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purpleblau1677d ago

After checking out Hardline, I'd say I'm going for the slower paced BF. What fun is in this game? fast fast quick quick gun and run bam bam? Just stupid.

ThunderPulse1677d ago

Why bring up BFH in a COD article? I see a troll in stealth mode starting FPS wars.

princejb1341677d ago

After all the unresolved bugs bf3 and bf4 has good luck. At least cod games are playable

redraider20111677d ago

Ya you're just trolling bro. Both are fun games and both have their place. I'm glad they're different, sometimes I feel like a more simulator experience in BF and sometimes I feel like the arcade-style CoD brings to the table.

HammadTheBeast1677d ago

How is he trolling by stating his opinion and asking others for their opinions?

BF is slower-paced slightly, but actions is much more intense over short periods of time. CoD is instant and intense action, very fun when you're winning, frustratingly bad when losing.

Both are individual games, I'd probably say both are gonna be the same as their last ones, because these 2 companies refuse to do anything that might be different.

awi59511676d ago

Ghost recon online had these stupid exoskeleton suits along time ago.

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Back-to-Back1677d ago

Pro Players? lol since when are you considered a pro player just because you upload videos to YouTube.

Any ways these YouTube guys are a dime a dozen. They get feed and flown out of free to play a game. Of corse they are going to say the game is great.

However, as usual Within 3-4 months they will all bitch about how bad the game is. Activision are masters of deception and always promise false hope to the gamers.

Remember how great they told us COD Ghosts would be because its "BUILT FOR NEXT GEN."

PurpatraitorMGS1677d ago

I'm glad they are trying to innovate.

Septic1677d ago

It's about time! I've been waiting for a 'proper' COD game since Modern Warfare 2!

daBUSHwhaka1677d ago

Spot on bud.Every COD since MW2 has fell flat.I've played every COD and the story and online have been very disappointing for the last 4 entry's now.Hopefully AW will be that little bit more special or the brand really will die off.

KyRo1677d ago

Black Ops and black Ops 2 > MW2, MW3 & Ghosts

While I think this years COD will be a lot better than Ghosts which shouldn't be hard to do, it's next years Treyarch game I'm really looking forward to.

Septic1677d ago

Ugh no way! Black Ops over MW2? No way! MW3 and Ghosts yes because those two games were TERRIBLE.

Black Ops was horrid. One of the biggest gaming disappointments of my life. Waited in a supermarket that had over 200 people waiting for the game. GOt a cold. Went home without getting the game. Woke up next morning with a flu. Was told that the shop next to my house had loads of it and there were no queues.

Dragged myself to the shop. Got home, booted up the game, waited for the textures to load not realising that the textures had already loaded. Thought to myself, at least it doesn't have COmmando Pro perk that will let people knife me from a mile away. First ever death in a game...getting knifed from a mile away.

The game was horrid. Just plain horrid p_p

USMC_POLICE1677d ago

I've been waiting for one since cod 3 enough modern future crap I need another ww2 game.

Enate1677d ago

The one thing with the cod series though is I never wanted them to innovate for the sake of saying they did. Mainly because I knew if they did we would get a product like ghost. No clean 3 lane design, over sized maps, removal of staple killstreaks that minimized camping,terrible lag compensation system that resulted in the worst connections ever. Which is why they removed you ability to see your ping bars after like the first week the game was out.

MW2 and 3 and black ops 1 had the best network connections for me. When I shot people they died consistently with the same amount of damage they should have unlike black ops 2 and cod ghost. Looking over the MW3 maps just the other day. I realized with the exception of about one map. I could not think of one I really hated out of the original set.

HammadTheBeast1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Agreed, MW2 wasn't balanced, but that was the beauty of it. Maps were just amazing, the newer CoD's have had maze-like maps which are insanely boring.

Black OP's just feels off, its just so bland I can't play it for more than a couple rounds.

And Ghosts is just beyond words.

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MetroidFREAK211677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I'm looking forward to playing this on Day Zero... I already have it predownloaded on my Xbox One

SPAM-FRITTER-1231677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Why sorry? This guy has spent his money on a game he enjoys, he will be having a blast on a game he likes while you sit around annoying people on N4G.

Enjoy your game Metroid. I will be.

HammadTheBeast1677d ago

Good luck! Hope it turns out good.

Mikelarry1677d ago

while i respect their opinions i am going to wait for reviews and trying it out at friends house before buying it. i have been burnt my cod too many times. this is the first year i haven't pre ordered a cod

1nsomniac1677d ago

It's incredibly fast, we get it!

That's the exact reason why everyone hates it. It's created for the ADHD generation. There's no tactics or thought that goes into the game.

Same reason why people didn't initially like the new Battlefields because it used to be vast & wide spread with tactics & thought provoking. Battlefield is now trying to get smaller & smaller & more intense closed spaces & that's generally not what people want. Which is why so many people complain about Metro etc..

Immorals1677d ago

Hey, I have adhd and I prefer games like metro to call of duty anyday!

1nsomniac1677d ago

Metro as in the level metro from battlefield not the actual game Metro..

HammadTheBeast1677d ago

I think he meant for kids, rather than legit ADHD lol.

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