Alien: Isolation Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"The Alien franchise has been ripe for the picking ever since the first movie debuted in 1979, spawning a handful of sequels, spin-offs, and numerous video games. However despite the large number of video games created using the concept and story of Alien, few, if any, were able to capture the atmosphere and horror that was brilliantly displayed in the movie that started it all. Now, so many years later, we have a game that delivers practically everything an Alien fan could ask for in the form of Alien: Isolation."

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Subby1555d ago

Funny how it took an RTS dev Creative Assembly to make the best Alien game since Monolith's AvP2.

xaidrien1555d ago

This was the best time I have had with a horror genre game in a long time! I am really glad to see it getting such great reviews.