Spoilers – Sakurai Teases Secret Fighter Trailer For Smash Bros Live-stream Event

Today on Miiverse, Sakurai has shared a peculiar screenshot teasing a secret fighter that has yet to be revealed. It goes without say, that the secret fighter should be obvious, particularly to those who have already purchased Super Smash Bros. For 3DS.

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Big_Game_Hunters1673d ago

Would be hype if the 3ds version didn't confirm duck hunt dog.

Blackleg-sanji1673d ago

Meh all tho its spoiled I still want to see the trailers they were cool

ChronoJoe1673d ago

It's a bit weird that they're striving to continue the hype train in this way, even though they already released the game on 3DS.

I have the 3DS version, and for me it killed a lot of the hype. It's a good game but I perhaps wish I just waited for the Wii U version, better controls, more interesting stages and naturally more visual fidelity on the big screen.

user95970821672d ago

Why are they "teasing" things that have been public knowledge for weeks?

TheROsingleB1672d ago

Nintendo does not internet very well.

Big_Game_Hunters1672d ago

Thats not even it, the 3ds version has DHD so sakurai is well aware.

TripC501672d ago

The image is all CGI. Is this confirming newcomer cutscenes?

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