Disc format has "many years" left, says Sony UK boss

Maguire predicts bright future for retail

Sony UK MD Ray Maguire has said he believes that despite the rise of digital distribution, there's still plenty of life left in the disc format and the traditional retail model.

Speaking in the latest edition of the Games Central podcast, Maguire said there are "many years" left for discs as games get bigger in size and require more storage space.

"What I think will happen is there will be a retail delivery model and then there'll be a supplementary business - which is downloading extra bits and pieces to keep your experience alive, keep it fresh and keep it modified and keep the game going on," Maguire said.

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MicroGamer4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

Then why did Sony go digital download only for the last Everquest expansion?? I refuse to buy any piece of software that doesn't come on a physical medium for backup purposes. And what happens to those still stuck with dial up?? A 30GB download at 56k is not an insignificant amount of time.