5 Worst Video Games Released This Year (2014)

InfotainmentGuru: It’s unusual that top 5 list guides to dreamy subjects. But that is precisely what happened when my editor posed me to write about the 5 worst video games of 2014. And I have been started to imagine on mainly awful games. As I played these games in this year so, I recognized all these were bad for completely different reasons. Have a look below guys.

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Dannycr1456d ago

I really am starting to get annoyed by sites that makes you "change page" to see a frickin game list (1 page per game with just a small paragraph of text).

phoenixwake1455d ago

Probably because it's 5X/10X the ad impressions. Cads.

hulk_bash19871456d ago

Grammatical errors.......Everywhere.

caseh1456d ago

It's barely coherent which probably means it's been translated.

Spenok1456d ago

While this is absolutely true... I'm actually surprised that all of these games were in fact disappointing, AND terrible lol.

JacketsNest1011455d ago

I don't think he speaks english. I couldn't understand anything he typed.

WizzroSupreme1455d ago

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2: That is all.