The New Nintendo 3DS Loads Games Super Fast

It seems as if the processor in Nintendo's brand new handheld is in a league of its own when it comes to pure speed.

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SpiralTear1676d ago

I've heard nothing but good things about this thing's hardware. Aside from the "some games only work on New 3DS" stuff, it looks like a huge step forward.

Sly-Lupin1676d ago

It's basically the same as the old 3DS, though. And this whole "super fast" loading is barely discernible with most games. Is saving a half-second or two (at best) off of a game's loading screen really worth upgrading a $200 console?

slivery1676d ago

I wouldn't say this is a huge step. More like a half step. The hardware wasn't upgraded that much for it to be huge.

PS4 or Xbox One, that is a huge upgrade in terms of what their predecessors had before.

3DS to New 3DS, not so much in that case. Not hating either, but realistically the hardware hasn't changed enough for it to be a huge step. This New 3DS still isn't even as powerful as the PS Vita, so I can't see it that way.

Maybe if it were an entirely new handheld by Nintendo, that was actually more powerful than the Vita or even just significantly more powerful than the 3DS, that would be a big step.

I'd imagine this New 3DS won't even be out 2 years or even sooner before we hear about a huge step forward from Nintendo with the real successor to the 3DS.

wonderfulmonkeyman1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I disagree with that comment about the PS4/XBone.
If they really are that big a step beyond their predecessors, then developers haven't really been doing much, outside of sparklier/realistic graphics, to show it, in terms of using all that new power to make more creative ways of playing the games.

Whereas with the 3DS, while it doesn't do much in terms of graphics, it does increase the available button options on the system to a better standard[the C stick is reportedly a lot more comfortable than it looks, despite its size, and the two extra shoulder triggers are helpful] in addition to raising the 3D effect to be wider spread and easier to see at nearly any angle, both of which directly affect gameplay.

Plus, just like the XBone and PS4, the New 3DS is capable of handling games that its predecessor could not, such as Xenoblade Chronicles.
It may be weaker than the Vita, but if it can handle a port of Super Mario Galaxy at some point, I'd say a half step is a significant one, in terms of the available games it has the potential to host.

I'd be quite happy with a port of Metroid Prime Trilogy on the 3DS, honestly.
Maybe even Mad World, at some point?
There were quite a few really good hidden gems on the Wii that I'd love to have transferred to the New 3DS.

slivery1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )


I'm sorry but that is completely absurd if you think the new 3DS is a big leap, but the PS4 and Xbox One weren't.

Your perspective on how PS4 and Xbox One games look or how creative you think they are is purely your opinion, we're talking about hardware here though, not your taste in video games. Are we not?

The 3DS has always been close to as powerful as the Wii, this is nothing new there, so is it really surprising seeing it run Wii games now with a small bump up in specs? Obviously not, I really don't understand why you people are so amazed with these small upgrades. Upgrades that should've been in the XL to begin with.

Again ports of games you love, has nothing do with what I'm talking about. So what if it can run Mario Galaxy now, it still is a half step of a system. If it weren't it wouldn't still be called the 3DS.

I mean jesus, I love my Wii U and 3DS too but man, I just can't be as blind as some of you fans are. I'm going to even buy this New 3DS as well myself, just like I bought the original and XL but it doesn't mean I have to sit here, basically lying to myself just to make the system something it isn't.

What is even more ridiculous is all the upgrades you talk about again have nothing to do with the little upgrades this system actually had, did I say they were bad upgrades? No, I'm just saying they aren't huge. Should I congratulate Nintendo for being late to the party once again over a c-stick? I'm not complaining about the c-stick either but seriously what is with people and Nintendo? Other companies can do similar things, at times even better than Nintendo and they just get called copy cats. Nintendo does the same things others have as well, sometimes not as good, late at that too, and all the sudden it's a huge leap or some mega innovation we've never seen before? I seriously don't get this mentality even being a fan myself.

I also didn't specifically say it has to be more powerful than the Vita, that was just wishful thinking on my part, but I said it could just be way more powerful than the 3DS is now and I'd be happy. The New 3DS is not that, it is a half step whether you guys want to accept it or not, strictly speaking about the hardware.

All the cosmetic upgrades are so minimal they could've easily just been put in the XL. Not a new system that gets exclusive games just to cash in even more money on hardware that is already dominating everything, with a system that is still barely anymore powerful than the last 3DS.

As I also say, if Microsoft or Sony did this, the things you people would be saying differently, but as always no one ever criticizes Nintendo enough about the right things, they might be stupid about it, but fair criticism never hurt anything. Just because you like something doesn't mean you have to kiss its ass with every little thing it does, if you are seriously saying to yourself this is a huge upgrade, you are literally lying through your teeth. Based on the hardware alone, it is not a huge difference, just small improvements.

slivery1676d ago

How about some actual comparisons between how it actually runs games, if there are any improvements in games that normally ran a bit slow on the 3DS before, to see if they run better now on the New 3DS.

Like Resident Evil or Pokemon X/Y, they suffer from some severe frame drops at times. It would be nice to know if this New 3DS improves on the actual performance with some of these games.

How about online as well? Does this new 3DS play games smoother online? Is Smash Bros. better online than the old 3DS?

Loading things faster is a given but some better comparisons would be great.