“Far Cry 4” is far from mediocre | The Observer

Compared to “Far Cry 3,” this title has a lot that you may expect and some major features that may surprise you.

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TheJacksonRGN1671d ago

If you've never actually played the Far Cry games how can you say FC4 is far from mediocre. Where did the mediocre come from?

DarkOcelet1671d ago

I think the site is called The Observer for a reason lol . He just ... Observes .

mikeslemonade1671d ago

Far Cry as been associated with mediocrity for me for a long time.

Fishy Fingers1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Other than 2, which had its faults, the franchise has always delivered. FC3 was great and this looks to expand upon that.

Hydrolex1671d ago

I had a blast playing FC3

opoikl1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

After 5 years of PS3 only, I played FarCry 3 on my new PC. This was the beginning of next gen for me, and what an awesome way to start the gen off: a vibrant tropical island setting, clear blue seas, tall grass, beautiful sunlight, the terribly intriguing Vaas, open world gameplay, etc.

I cannot for the life of me see how FarCry 4 can top this experience for me. As others have said, as of yet it really feels like a new skin over an existing game. I hope I'm proven wrong when the game hits store shelves, but it's going to have to be extremely well put together to have the same mind-blowing effect on me. Fingers crossed..

Meltic1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Remember playing far cry 1 the first game. When i saw the water i though the graphic was so great and the jungle too. Now its even better. Cant wait too play this game. Even when it looks like a replica of far cry 3 it still looks great.

Sneakybudda1671d ago

Can someone explain to me, how can someone wright a review without even playing the game? i know, why don't we all wright a review on call of duty advance warfare lol. And also how does online work on farcry? Is it even possible to play with my friends who have a ps4? while i play on my home entertainment system (xbox one). Will i have to strap a mobile to my head to talk to them? Because its obvious that we can't interact with someone on a different games console? Unless someone knows the answer how does it works please tell me because if its true this should of been done many years ago. And it would stop this VICIOUS console war. Which i am a vetran of lol. Anyways can someone explain to me these questions? Because i am only a cat prrrrr.

MrSnrub1671d ago

Seems like you have sneaked a bud ah

Hellsvacancy1671d ago

As much as I liked Far Cry 3 it wasn't because of the gameplay, it was the story/characters I liked, I found the actual gameplay too easy/repetitive, Angry Joe said FC4s gameplay is exactly the same as FC3 during his hands on impressions

That might not be a bad thing, as long as FC4 has an even better story with even crazier characters i'll be more than happy

edqe1671d ago

FC3 characters reminded me people from Jersey Shore or from other MTV teenager reality show. I disliked character and the story very much.

I agree that the gameplay was very repetitive and easy. Way too much hand holding to make environments feel interesting and dangerous.

famoussasjohn1670d ago

I believe he just put up a video on Co-op as well for FC4.