PlayStation LifeStyle: Minecraft Vita Edition Review – Blocky But Good

The day has finally come! After months and months of waiting, Minecraft is officially available for the PlayStation Vita! Now you can mine, craft, explore and battle skeletons, zombies and creepers anywhere you go. But was it worth the wait?

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Wedge191675d ago

So awesome it's finally here!

Lubu1675d ago

Just wish it had cross save with PS4, since that's the platform I play this on. Not really interested in having 2 separate home worlds.

mixelon1675d ago

You can transfer maps back and forth between PS3 and vita.. I've not tried it yet though.

Army_of_Darkness1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

You can also fly if you run really fast while flapping your arms quick enough... But I haven't tried it yet.

Spenok1674d ago

I really need to pick this up. It's just too bad they didn't make it cross save with PS4. :/

knifefight1674d ago

I love my Vita, and I like Minecraft, but I've already sunken so many hours into other versions that I don't feel like starting anew. Great for first-timers, though.

I wish Sony would have bundled Minecraft with the Vita system. That feels like a missed opportunity.