5 Band-Centric Guitar Hero Games that Would Rock

Here's GamePro's wish list of the most-deserving bands that should have their own proper Guitar Hero game.

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DJtyler4741d ago

I think The Rolling Stones should be on this list.

crippler6664741d ago

The Offspring
Blink 182

No particular order and I might actually buy one of those.

King_many_layers4741d ago

Green day and Blink 182, would make for some really boring and really repetetive GUITAR HERO games.

Johnny Cullen4741d ago

Sorry but where the feck is Guitar Hero: Radiohead at? C'MON!

Smacktard4740d ago

I agree with that list. Not really a fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers or Nirvana, but I can see it.

Aerosmith seems like a very sorry pick for a band-centric Guitar Hero game. They're good... but not great or anything.

Completely agree with Led Zeppelin. Van Halen is a nice band, but their drums are seriously lacking. So if the next Guitar Hero is gonna be Activision's Rock Band, then the drum parts would be seriously boring.

A Boston-themed Guitar Hero would be nice, too. I don't know how much work they could do with it, though...