5 Reasons Nintendo's WiiMote Rocks

To round out his look at the strengths of the DualShock 3 and the 360 Wireless, Fuchal of offers his reasons behind the WiiMote officially 'rocking'...

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Isaac4633d ago

1. There is no alternative.

The end.

funktion_d4633d ago

is it just me, but who cares? What's with these "lists" of crap lately. We know it's a decent controller already. Do we need a list of reasons of proof? .. i didn't even read the article.. but is there a point.

SnakeShady4633d ago

you can stick it up in yours ass.

ArtisianDragon4633d ago

1. Most devs in videogames make there game only playable with the Wiimote - Twilight Princes.

2. You can't charge the damn thing off the console like you can with the PS3 sixaxis.

Voiceofreason4633d ago

1. You use more than just the Wii remote for Twilight princess. How is that really even a valid point. Most dev's for PS3 make the game for Sixaxis. 2. while it is true that Wii doesnt recharge the batteries in the Wii remote like PS3 does, you will also find that the Wii remote batteries can be changed at any time, with any brand of battery. Not only will the sixaxis battery go bad, you'll go through more trouble replacing that battery made by Sony alone I am sure than a Wii owner.

ArtisianDragon4633d ago

Sometimes when you don't feel like using another type of controller you are left with no other option. Also specifically I was taking a look at the Wii version of TP. I know the GC version you can use the GC controller and what not, but Wii version you can't. That really is my only gripe with it. The motion sensor controller is indeed a nice sense of change, but other control options should also be utilized. That is why I deemed it as a point.

Even for the PS3 I was able to turn the sixaxis off and just play, Heavenly sword is one example I'll use. I didn't know what the hell I was doing during Kai's first "challenge/mission" whatever you want to call it. I tilted that control as much as I could, wasn't working. Found out I could turn it off I did it in an instant and went with the analog stick. Again the only thing I wish with the wii is probably that ability, to be able to use any controller for any game. Whether it be a port or not.

True about the Wiimote also, but still (small gripe after playing the PS3 - and in no way am I trying to be fan~ish) but it would have been nice to have that sort of thing.)

wiizy4633d ago

the main reason is , its the only thing thats new in gaming today.....that alone is the reason.

Voiceofreason4633d ago

Some people cannot accept change. The Wii remote levels the playing field in some games and I am sure a lot of this hate comes from elitist 13 year olds whose mom just beat them at Wii sports Tennis and that doesnt happen on any other console. I think the lamest excuse ever is when they talk about how hard it is to use the Wii for FPS. Like point and click is really hard for anyone to grasp.

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