Gamers must grow up and embrace feminism

The gaming industry has come under attack from critics and feminists alike in recent years due to its often-sexualized portrayal of female characters.

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masterfox1675d ago

Oh I can embrace feminism any time you want, no problemo ;)

yewles11675d ago

Journalists must grow up and realize the difference between feminism and hypocritical misandry that requires less of women standing for their own rights, and more of crying about such "supression" to the public and requiring men to do most of the work for them... again.

Spenok1674d ago

Wow, I'm surprised someone else sees Feminism for what it is. Well said! Feminism is a plague of people thinking they deserve more than they actually do, and want everything handed to, or done for them.

annoyedgamer1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I am already grown up and refuse to support journalists who sleep with feminists in exchange for favors is acceptable. I also refuse to accept that every creative mind must be shackled to the politically correct checklist.

I have a better proposal how about the you (the "author" grow up and realize that you and your PC army cannot control what others want to create)

yarbie10001675d ago

This place has been flooded with no name sites for the past few weeks - anyone else noticed that? Same topics - same people submitting them. Same agenda

3-4-51675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Exactly....there is a team of people doing this.

It's well orchestrated...

In court they would have to present Proof, which means they would have to expose the lies they've told, and the fake accounts they've made.

* Some dumb troll = some dumb troll.

Get him in trouble....not everyone else.

* Women are awesome, but why do they get to dictate what type of games I play, and what gets to be in them ?

* I don't even play the types of games they probably hate against, but why do they get to say whats what about everything.

* Do I have to ask their permission to play Super Mario 3D World now because it doesn't have enough women characters in it ?

* Taking a stand against objectifying women in gaming is one thing.

Women Should Not be harassed anywhere.

The thing is......700 Million + people are all being lumped into one category by a group of about 100-200 people.

That doesn't seem right. Something is off here.

* What exactly do they want though ?

Are they making their own games ?

Why don't they also make the games they want to make ?

Do they even make games ?

Who are these people and how are they a part of the gaming industry ?

Are they all just writers for websites ?

Lets start asking some more questions.

Scatpants1675d ago

By feminism you mean women whining about bullsh!t, right?

johny51675d ago Show
Man_Marmalade1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Two women disagreed with me.
/please don't hate my terrible and offensive jokes lolol

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