The truth about #GamerGate's anti-bullying hero Mike Cernovich with his own tweets.

Mike Cernovich, "based lawyer", as the GamerGaters call him, recently launched an attack on Anil Dash in an attempt to wrangle PR against the likes of Gawker Media for making jokes about bullying. He's since risen to prominence in their ranks.

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JohnathanACE1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Ugggghhhh! Gamersgate is not an attack on women! So sick of these site saying "look evil gamersgate mehsogynists" we want fair gaming journalism and for people not to get their ideologies in the way. No real Gamersgate supporter condones attacking women, especially here on N4G. So sick of these people hiding behind "gamers are sexist" instead of presenting any real talking points. Of course this has always been the way liberals seem to operate. This Mike guy does not represent all are opinions!

-Foxtrot1510d ago

"This Mike guy does not represent all are opinions"

He came into it late aswell, I mean he only got involved recently so his past opinions now hurt all of GG which has been going for months now....yeah I don't think so.

JohnathanACE1510d ago

This guys a moron! Are we sure he's not an undercover troll trying to destroy gamersgate from the inside out?

rainslacker1510d ago

Question, Is cernovich actually rising among the ranks of GG as this article claims? I remember reading a couple of those tweets before, but I thought he just associated himself with GG to get attention, and the SJW just pointed out this as an example of the GG mentality. As I recall, people at the time weren't on board with his attitude.

I'm genuinely curious, because I wasn't aware that GG really had ranks, or that this guy had risen among them, and I have never seen a single GG ever post him as a voice of the movement.

Blacktric1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

This dreck is written by Stillgray, aka Ian Miles Cheong. The man who was kicked from Reddit for being corrupt and also known for being a notorious neo-nazi.

Ignore and move on.

And also; not defending the guy for what he's said or anything but he's admitted to being vitriolic and using Gawker style writing back in the day a couple of days ago and said he's sorry for them but not gonna be silenced because of it. So, this isn't anything new.

Mega241510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

Gaming media is doing everything they can to make Gamergate go away. Lying about its true purpose and objective, because no matter how much we scream about the true purpose of it, they will have the upper hand since they control the media.

Edit: Also, I think they are trying to point out one guy (which is obviously a troll, probably appointed by one of the news sites) as a self appointed GG anti-Bully, which he isn't. His obviously there for the sh*ts and giggles (or because he was obligated to by one of the media sites).

thorstein1510d ago

I think you need to read the tweets that are posted on the article. Not saying Gamergate is an attack on women.

This article is about a piece of scum/ moron named Mike Cernovich.

JohnathanACE1510d ago

While this may be true, the article very clearly tries to associate pro gamersgaters with Mike Cernovich

Spenok1509d ago

Seriously, Gamersgate is about proper journalism, NOTHING else. Simple as that people.

Lol on the Liberal comment, so true.

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-Foxtrot1510d ago

Oh and Matt Binder isn't doing this for his own selfish, non gaming, reasons

Another guy hopping on the anti GG train because it will make him look all noble and give him a "man of the people" vibe like what he tries to do with his Public Shaming tumblr

The fact he thinks this is about hating women shows you how clueless he is

Godmars2901510d ago

Apparently a number of 3rd party groups are getting into the argument for "s***s and giggles" sadly.

-Foxtrot1510d ago

You think that's bad I see people joining the anti GG side just because, and I quote, "I'm sick of GamerGate".

So they are sick of it, they don't seem to want to side with anyone since they apparently cba with it yet they say shit like that which puts them on the anti GG side. I mean your "sick of it"...Gamers are doing this FOR YOU as another gamer so you don't get screwed over by corrupt journalists.

viperman2401510d ago

Just looking at his smug look that he has on his twitter picture tells you all you need to know.

yewles11510d ago

"The truth about #GamerGate's anti-bullying hero Mike Cernovich"


Gh05t1510d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

rainslacker1510d ago

A well said bubble was never more deserved.:)

Dark_Overlord1510d ago

Who the hell is this (due to N4G rules I'm not allowed to use the word I'd like to) and where the hell has he come from? He's an absolute disgrace to people in general. How the hell can any sane human being agree with what he has said?!

And as for implying this is the view of all GG supporters, all I have to say is troll harder.....

WeAreLegion1510d ago

He's a lawyer. What do you expect?

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