Driveclub Will Get More Variety in Online Races Tomorrow; Weather Coming When it’s Balanced

With the servers still suffering from connectivity issues and hiccups, Evolution Studios is still at work on solving them, and is also sharing more information.

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qwerty6761671d ago

this is just pitiful at this point.

people have already begun to move on after waiting 2 weeks for the ps+ version.

if ever they release another racing game please for the love of god have an open beta.

GameDev11671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


Frustrating I would say, especially for me looking to get this game in December, If the online doesnt work well, they wont get the weather, photomode, replay, more cars updates which is what I care about as I am hardly an online player

Pretty sure its frustrating for them too, but at the end of the day it is their fault and should deal with it as quickly as possible

Wonder why there was no online problems during Project Cupcake (Drivclub beta's name) yet there are problems when the game is fully released

Ju1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

How is this frustrating for you when you don't even have the game, yet?

Maybe the sold a couple of units more than expected, huh? And the servers got flooded. Lack of experience, maybe. W/e. It'll get fixed or is fixed already. I had no problems playing the few games I tried online. Works just fine now. Whatever come down now is tuning and optimization.

UltimateMaster1671d ago

I was expecting the weather to be there on day 1.
The low scores rated the game on what it was, unfinished. If it wasn't ready, then delay it yet again.

If they are to make Driveclub 2, make sure everything is in place and working properly at launch. First impression counts.

GTgamer1671d ago

Says the guy who doesn't own the game the DC fan base is intact you should see my friends list they play it everyday :/.

Spotie1671d ago

Game has problems?


Problems getting fixed?


There's no winning with you guys, huh?

Khronikos1671d ago

It's embarrassing that this type of behavior is even accepted as legitimate--the whining obviously. Only in videogames lol.

Shadow Flare1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Releasing an unfinished game is unacceptable, it's something I hate about modern console gaming

I could forgive this if driveclub was crammed with content. It isn't. Driveclub is another showpiece of how modern games are going backwards.

I look at a game like Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) and it is exploding with features. Open world, mechanical and visual customisation, money, story, it had everything a great racing game should be. And then modern gaming just takes that and goes backwards. Look at Most Wanted 2012. It took the original and stripped it of its guts, no money, no customisation, no story, no progression, you're given all the cars straight away for crying out loud

Driveclub is taking gaming back to the mega drive. It's an A to B racing game. Nothing more. Nothing more. What the hell happened to racing games. Driveclub is the sort of game that was screaming for full car customisations, but the devs were too concerned about modeling the stitching on the seats. Driveclub is essentially a good looking, "online" Lotus Turbo Challenge. That game didn't show replays either.

gangsta_red1671d ago

So it's okay for a developer to release a game with that many problems, less features and less car options that were originally promised...not only that but with a year delay?

And you want to know why gamers are mad?

I can't believe how a few on this site are still trying to defend the way this game was handled.

MysticStrummer1671d ago

"people have already begun to move on after waiting 2 weeks for the ps+ version."

Those are some silly people.

otherZinc1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )


How do you take a consumers money, releasing a 3rd of a game?
This is pitifully pitiful!
Those are some lame excuses.

GribbleGrunger1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

So you think that when the free version releases on PS+, people won't bother downloading it and trying it out because 'they've moved on'? At the end of the day, regardless of all the negativity from the press and all the 'valid' complaints about the online fiasco, Driveclub will be considered a success, and it will sell reasonably well.

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TheStrokes1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

It's total BS... I don't think it was anywhere near completion. I think they needed another 6 months, but Sony needed a racer.

Edit: I'm a PlayStation player but I'm not blind. It was put out well before it was complete. Only a fool would say otherwise.

1nsomniac1671d ago

Have to admit, that is how it would seem..

uth111671d ago

the game itself is solid. I don't think they realized their server code wasn't up to snuff.

TheStrokes1671d ago

That's what I was meaning. It as premiered as a social-centric racer. I'm not a big racing fan, but this had me very interested... yet this is where it has fell apart.

GameDev11671d ago

I did hear the single player is very fun and solid

But for a game which is importantly based on online, this is ridiculous

TKCMuzzer1671d ago

It's odd, there were virtually zero issues in the beta and when it runs the social aspects work really well. I was lucky enough to experience it so I know how good it can be, so i'm patient in regards to them sorting it. I can only assume code is having to be re-written, hence why things are taking longer than expected.

Ju1671d ago

The single player is surprisingly big in scope. After reading all the whiners here, I thought we'd get about 5 cars and a couple of tracks.

I am not sure why this hasn't been marketed better. But I think the single player is a FULL game which can easily stand on it's own. A good amount of cars (high quality, mind you) and a good variety of tracks - even if only 5 (or so countries - US would be nice and some more European locations). It has quite a fair amount of events in the SP as well. SP in this game is hugely underrated.

I agree, though, that if they sell it as a community game and this isn't actually working, then something went fatally wrong here.

Salooh1671d ago

Exactly , i didnt play it but i feel the same way that's why i'm waiting for ps+ edition , if they release it and still have issues then i don't mind. The game is badass when it works so i will wait..

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SKullDugger1671d ago

I agree or the weather would have been included in the disc and there would have been more cars and tracks. It just seems unfinished IMO.

Redempteur1671d ago

The game was finished. An unforseen Bug can happen...
The fact that people are playing the game and enjoying it is proof that the game was finished.

SKullDugger1671d ago

So you enjoy paying $60 for a product thats not complete. The online is still having issues, no weather, 55 cars one factory paint job per car and 50 tracks. There were racings games on the PS2 that have more to offer then this turd. You must like half baked cakes.

Redempteur1671d ago

The game is complete. All of you counting the number of cars are forgetting one thing important.
Is the game fun ? is the game good ? Do you enjoy yourself playing with the game ? My answer is "yes". to the above. My opinion since i have the game mind you ;-)

How do i know that you don't know the game properly ? you mentionned one factory paint job, totally unaware that you can custom and change the paint job of all the cars in the garage.. but hey , you need to play the game to know that.

And i think that 50 track to learn is enough. More doesn't mean better it's not like there is 11 free tracks coming as "free dlc" too.

lemoncake1671d ago

Got to agree here, a few days around launch server issues is normal but when that starts to stretch out into weeks something wasn't ready. It seems like they were pressed to get it released so did a really small test then crossed their fingers and hoped for the best, a recipe for disaster. Everything about this game screams rushed though tbh, still waiting on the ps+ edition but won't hold my breath as they are very busy still trying to finish the game.

ashen1221671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

yea wish they waited. but looking forward I don't think anymore games will be rushed like this, from sony.

SKullDugger1671d ago

How was it rushed it got delayed for 8 months, IMO the idea and direction was shot down and they had to scramble to get this or SONY said we need it now not in 2015. Which would result in the rushed turd they car Drivestub....

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fei-hung1671d ago

Even without the online working properly, it is one of the best racers I've played in a longtime. It plays like Metropolis Street Racer but with much better track design.

It's a shame people who haven't bought it have to wait but it will be worth the wait.

GameDev11671d ago

In attention, It has actually killed Forza

People seem to be paying attention and seem to be more interested to when contents, multiplayer will arrive on Drive club than claiming anything good about Forza

ashen1221671d ago

you noticed that too?!! lol everyone talks about driveclub, even xbox fans.

driveclub did its job in taking all the attention

MysticStrummer1671d ago

One of the funniest things I've seen recently was a Driveclub Twitch stream with a headline of "Biggest Fail of the Year - Don't buy it"… yet there the guy was playing it for hours.

Ju1671d ago

Pretty sure it has sold better as well (if the 1M week one sales are remotely true).

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