Lies, damned lies and statistics: Subscription numbers in MMORPG's

MMO subscription number tracking is a challenging venture. Most developers are extremely careful when crafting public releases relating to how many subscribers their game currently has. For better or worse, these values are considered to be a measure of success (or failure) of our beloved games and tend to offer insights on subscriber trends.

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lotta1672d ago

Oh yeah. I forgot.. World of Warcraft dosen't excist

mikeslemonade1671d ago

Those people aren't real gamers. It's like social networking/gaming

Justjoined1231671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

@ mikeslemonade

Watch out, we've got a badass over here..

SolidStoner1671d ago

but he's got a point.. they remind me of zombies! :D Zombie gamers! they are gamers just with they're zombie needs! :D

pkb791671d ago

@mikes what the difference between playing a mmo or grinding away on the same online FPS every night?
Who the hell are you to judge who is a gamer or not. With your lvl of elitism I'm surprised you don't play a mmo.

MysticStrummer1671d ago

"Those people aren't real gamers"

Such a silly idea.

Gamerbeyond1671d ago

lol mike doesnt have a bubble to stand on.

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Magicite1672d ago

except tens of millions of people around the world and...every single South Korean.

Kumomeme1672d ago

he only one doesnt play mmorpg
poor guy

Spenok1672d ago

What? Why would you say this? Do you not know there are millions of subscribers to dozens of MMO's? WoW has over 8 million, FFXIV has over 2.5 million, FFXI last I heard had over 2 million, and many many other free to play, or less known MMO's are out there.

If no one played them, why would we see such an influx of MMO's being made?

I just don't get your comment.

SolidStoner1671d ago

They exist, they just dont step outside and dont comment on any web site.. they're too busy playing that damn mmorpg.. I know many of these guys.. after the school they just disappeared.....

Jubez1871671d ago

FFXI has about 2 people haha. But yea, MMO's are awesome. I'm a hardcore gamer through and through. I play the hardest JRPGs on the hardest difficulties, I've played in competitive shooter clans, I've climbed the Elo ladder of MOBAs and RTS's.

If anyone thinks MMO's are just for casuals that wanna play house, you have no idea what you're saying. Raids take some of the most coordination and game knowledge in video games.

If you're too broke to pay for a sub, then that's a personal problem.

Christopher1671d ago

Oh... I don't? Damn... what have I been doing since 1999 then?

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halocursed1672d ago ShowReplies(3)
SMcNu7151672d ago

My server has exploded with new subs this week

Spenok1672d ago

The only official word from SE is over 2.5 million players. So not quite, but close.

Agent_hitman1672d ago

With the new MMOs like Black Dessert, Peria Chronicles in the horizon I'm pretty sure that the MMO players will rise in the coming years or months.

Spenok1671d ago

Black Desert looks pretty awesome. I'm waiting on the NA release.

KrisButtar1671d ago

The Elder Scrolls Online didn't make the cut? Guess the subscription count wasn't high enough to include it.

hkgamer1671d ago

eso did everything wrong. i dont think there was any long term subscribers to that game to get any data.

Spenok1671d ago

Lol there are plenty of Subs. I only just canceled my sub because I just had a kid. I've had it since launch, and thoroughly enjoyed the game, but circumstances won't allow me to at the moment. Though I doubt the numbers are anything to scoff at. Probably only a few hundred thousand. Though it hasn't gone free to play yet, and they are still defending a paid model. So who knows, maybe they have enough to pay for the servers and updates.

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