Hatred Devs Release New Statement, Censorship Will Not Win This Battle #GamerGate

Jon Iro writes: "The team behind recently revealed Hatred video game coming out next year for computer has released a new statement in response to an outburst of press that has come forth (mainly criticizing the game and using it as a talking point in cultural debate against free speech in video games media). In the statement they begin by letting the world know they will not succumb to threats and allegations of those who would have this game wiped from existence. Production will continue. They also thank the haters of Hatred who have made the game a cultural phenomenon, at least for the time being and to the fans who have appeared to experience this game."

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nX1676d ago

You know what's worse than a game that's all about ruthlessly murdering civillians?
It's people that think they should censor games or any kind of entertainment for adult human beings. I don't sympathize with this game and I'm not eager to play it, but I fully support the developers in doing their thing.

-Foxtrot1676d ago

Yeah I don't see the big appeal over it but developers should really have the freedom to create what they want. I mean sure, there is things like child porn, bestiality, other extreme stuff which shouldn't be touched in video games but murdering innocent people is not new...look at Grand Theft Auto how many people when they are bored just go around killing people to drive up their wanted level so they can take on the cops with a 5/6 star wanted level.

Take a game like Fallout/Elder Scrolls, I think in my opinion that children in the game should be allowed to be killed. Now does that make me a child murderer or some, I just think it's very unrealistic how you have Dragons flying around attacking people or other enemies attacking towns and the children being invincible. I feel like it would open up some very strong morale elements for the games, especially Fallout which has a Karma system. If I accidentally or on purpose kill someone's child wouldn't it be good if as a random event the parents will hunt you down or get revenge on you in some way. Then you have GTA it's self...I mean it's just weird you have this massive map with cities full of life yet not one child in sight.

I can't be the only person who got to Little Lamplight in Fallout 3, got a load of shit off Mayor Mccreedy and realised I couldn't blow his smug head off. I mean there's a way of getting into Little Lamplight, not a good karma way but a bad one.

This whole thing is a really hard issue to talk about, if you side with them you'll be made to look like a psycho or something which will put people off.

Eonjay1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

No one is trying to censor the game. But if we don't get to call it out for what it is; that is, if we are not allowed to express our disagreement; we are the ones being censored.

It must go both ways.

Highlife1676d ago

I was all for banning this game because I think this game is plain terrible. But I would rather the game get released and bomb and show that you can't just make a game to prove a point about censorship.

Ashunderfire861676d ago

I remember way back when on the original Xbox, Deus Ex Invisible War actually allow you to kill children in the Futurist Egypt location of the game. Movies and shows are even allow to get away with this more than games. Look at Penny Dreadful on showtime for example. A little girl got her body ripe to pieces along with her decapitated head, with a surprise expression on her face intact from seeing a vampire. Yup that all happen in the show Penny Dreadful!

Debaitable1676d ago

There just has to be a fine line. Them trying to prove something will lead to certain games being banned for certain areas. I wonder how much support they will get then.

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Software_Lover1676d ago

I mean, Postal got released. I will never have a desire to play that game but more power to them. We just live in an age of the internet. You can't make one mistake or you're marked for life.

Dan501676d ago

SO HAPPY this will be uncensored! :D

DragoonsScaleLegends1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Yeah it's just a game with bits and things. Bring on the child porn games while your at it Hatred developers. It's just a game so no one was harmed during the fake rape gameplay. I'm sure people would buy that from you too. Also of course you could easily release it on consoles while your at it. Censorship is bad no matter what of course since games are fake and they don't effect anyone and no one who enjoys doing rape in games will enjoy it in real life since of course video games are just bits of data.

ScottyHoss1676d ago

In the end it's a business. If they want to make that game okay, if they want to make the one you suggested that's fine. Will people buy it? Will it be a worthwhile investment? Nope. But hey, true art doesn't seek attention, as beauty is art. Not saying that game will be beautiful to us, but to them maybe.

In short, one day it will be too far and when that happens people just won't buy the game, they can make whatever they want.

But gamergate has nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with this.

WeAreLegion1676d ago

"easily release it on consoles"


I seriously doubt that. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo wouldn't touch this.

Spenok1675d ago

Yeah none of the big 3 would green light this. Ever.

DragoonsScaleLegends1676d ago

My biggest issue with this is not the game itself but with the people defending it. The biggest defense is that people enjoy what is going on in the game which is so mest up. I enjoy violence as much as any other person in games but for people to say you enjoy hearing people beg for their fake lives is more disturbing than the game itself. Even if it is fake emotions you experience in games can be just as realistic as their real life counterpart. I love going on rampages in games but there is no realism to the victims in those games.

BitbyDeath1676d ago

Guessing you didn't play the last of us?

Psychotica1676d ago

Hey, future murderers will thank you for this fine training tool..

nippletwister1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Meh, Commandos games, Counter Strike/ARMA and Discovery channel documentaries on weapons, military training and tactics, survival, do a better job.

If you need motivation, just turn on MTV or any reality TV show and you'll want to wipe out humanity justly. This for example:

Psychotica1676d ago

Yeah but you don't get to act out psycho fantasies that way..

ScottyHoss1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

... Which will train them to kill successfully? No, they'll just get shot, and won't be able to thank them. Nippletwister is right, staying hidden would do better than what this game portrays.

Edit: yeah, popular society is sickening. We don't deserve the resources we use, but I'm not killing anyone because of it.

nippletwister1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I call total and absolute BS on anyone who says they haven't had a psycho fantasy at least once in their life, whether on a teacher, or on the boss of their job, or on a colleague, or on whoever and whatever, especially a politician, and enjoyed it,
for the convenience of argument and trying to maintain an ethical image that is as transparently BS as the air surrounding me.
Even if you tell someone not to think about killing people, the brain is automatically going start up the movie whether you like it or not.

The only important thing is whether you are going to make the choice to act out your fantasies in real life, or keep them in fantasy land.
Myself, i can imagine anything and fantasize anything, but i have this thing called "common sense" and a control switch in my brain to keep myself in check and not do stupid crap in real life. All people are born with a killer instinct, it's just that most people have it in check.

I don't need to self-validate myself by building a false image of a perfect ideal Jesus like pure and innocent being so everyone can tap my back and i can get a feel good boner from my moral superiority,
especially on the Internet of all places.

dreamed1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

@ nippletwister Lmfao totally agree, on both posts!!

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Exies71676d ago

Yea, it'll teach them a totally sweet and cheesy monologue, and give them tips on how to look emo.

WeAreLegion1676d ago

Why murder people IRL when you have a video game that won't get you sent to jail for life?

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