Sony Apes Sunset Overdrive’s Font with “Sale of the Dead”

CraveOnline: "If you hop onto PSN today, you’ll notice something called the “Sale of the Dead,” a multi-week promotion offering presumably scary or horror-themed games at reduced prices. The art is cool, the idea is cool, and hey, so is the font! So cool that it’s plastered all over Sunset Overdrive‘s marketing materials, since its developers, you know, invented the font for that very reason."

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-Alpha1485d ago

Funny enough, Insomniac made a little poke at this

Christopher1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

It is very weird and bad form, IMHO. Though, the font has been out there since February of 2014:

Edit: I'm guessing we'll see a change on this soon as it's probably the work of someone in marketing who thought it would be funny. Think they will be informed otherwise very soon.

Genuine-User1485d ago

Why do you find it bad?
It's only a font :s

moegooner881485d ago

What exactly is " Sony " trying to accomplish with this ? Rather they focus on that first party line up of theirs, and stop paying too much attention to what the others are doing.

GameDev11485d ago

bad form? why?

If Insomniac feels it breaks the copyright of their own font, they can easily talk to the Sony members responsible and it will be taken down

But Insomniac are a lovely studio and seem to appreciate Sony's use of their font, a company which they have been making games exclusively for a long while

-Alpha1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

^ It can be considered in bad form because Insomniac created the font.

jstevenson, who works for Insomniac as Community lead said that the font was created by Insomniac.

A fan then went on to create what he/she figured the rest of the alphabet would look like, based on the existing letters in the "SUNSET OVERDRIVE" font. Insomniac had no issue with this, as it was done with their blessing.

But then, someone at Sony then used the fan-created font, for the PSN Store.

I'm not saying it's a big deal or anything, but it does seem that some intern or someone just lifted the font, and Insomniac ultimately decided to poke fun at it and leverage attention to their game. Mistakes happen, after all.

Christopher1485d ago

I find it bad form just like I found MS' cologne ad for Destiny bad form. It's a, IMHO, childish reminder of something they don't have. In MS' case it was Destiny advertising rights, in Sony's case it is a developer that worked on Sony exclusive IPs and have what looks to be one of the best games they've made in over a decade.

nX1485d ago

I would'nt even know that this is the font used in Sunset Overdrive... sensationalism much? Insomniac doesn't seem to have a problem with it so neither should you.

MRMagoo1231485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Would it actually be a typeface not a font? I can't imagine it matters much at all its more of a compliment if anything.

George Sears1485d ago


Funny as for me MS attempt for Destiny ad was not only funny, but clever at the same time.

AliTheSnake11485d ago

You know what, that font is gonna be mine.


r2oB1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

@ moegooner88

Killzone Shadowfall
Infamous SS
MLB the show
TLoU Remaster
Little Big Planet 3

That's 7 first party games available on the PS4 during the consoles first year. I'd say they are doing a pretty good job focusing on their first party lineup. Nice stealth troll attempt though.

4Sh0w1485d ago

I like this tweet from Sunset Overdrives official twitter account:

"Hey @Playstation. Nice font. Glad you guys are excited for @SunsetOverdrive too."

-Cool both are having fun with it, so no big deal to me.

XisThatKid1485d ago

Now I'm all for the good fun and competitive nature of "The Console Wars" but some are way too sensitive for this lifestyle. SOny helped buid Insomniac and in all advertising this makes sense on all parts they still have a buisness relationship with them as well it's not like they are trying to hurt them and lastly WHO GIVES A [BLAM] it's a font and changes nothing besides the direction of rage on an internet forum children. I don't want to directly attack anyone but this one is sooooo ridiculous no wonder people look at our community like this.

Christopher1485d ago

Just so I get this right, me saying I think it is bad form is me being sensitive? I don't recall starting a petition or going on a rant about this.

If someone has a different opinion than you, you might not want to jump to the conclusion that they're just sensitive as a way to belittle their opinion. Sometimes people just have different opinions.

Septic1485d ago

I dont see it as that big a deal. There are no IP infringements and could even be an honest mistake.

I dont think the Destiny ad wasn't bad form either. I dont get why that ruffled so many feathers. The competitive jibes in this industry are less brazen than you find in others.

Volkama1485d ago

Not bad form Imo, because it isn't disrespectful in any way.

It is stupid though. If it was an accident, it was stupid. If it was deliberately chosen to counter overdrive, well that's even more stupid.

Insomniac won't mind the free attention that's for sure.

badz1491485d ago

alright it's the SSO font but does anything in what Sony is doing with it sounds like an attempt or a blatant demeaning to anybody especially to MS and Insomniac? is there anything there saying;

"you don't need SSO, play these games you can get for great prices instead!"?

NONE! so, why is there the need to be offended or anything? even Insomniac finds it flattering.
I wonder what these people that finds this as "desperate", "sad" or anything thought about when MS blatantly said;

"Xbox ONE is the BEST place to play Destiny!"

during their conference eventhough they don't have the marketing rights to it. that's even more "desperate" IMO.

if Aping SSO font is what this is, and people are aware that it's from SSO doesn't that mean that Sony actually 'help' raising awareness among the PS community that there is a game from Insomniac coming eventhough it's on the competitor's machine? I think it's good sport and glad to see Sony and Insomniac are in good terms!

4Sh0w1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

badz OK, I'm not offended by this at all but your analogy is ridiculous= ALL company's always say their product is the BEST, BEST place for this, BEST place for that, blah, blah, blah but this is UNUSUAL because the sony ad is blatantly using the intellectual property(IP) that happens to be a font created by Insomniac. I think your analogy would work better with micro using the *Destiny cologne ad's because that's an UNUSUAL marketing trick to force people to talk about Destiny being multiplat= on X1 too. Again all this is no more than a little bit of fun humor, nothing even remotely to get the pitch forks out for but just saying your analogy is pretty silly and of course as usual the FANS make a bigger deal of these situations than the actual companies really care about it.

Silly Mammo1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Anyone think that maybe Insomniac and Sony still have a good relationship with each other(dating back to the PS2 days) and they are just having fun? Does it have to be some nefarious plot by Sony. Let's try to remember that they are companies creating games. Insomniac and Naughty Dog used to make none too subtle references to each other's games inside their own games. Was it because they were trying to insult each other? No, they did it out of mutual respect for one another.

People need to stop looking for slights to be offended by and just lighten up!

Clown_Syndr0me1484d ago


I think the games this year have been great but come off it, that list isn't that impressive.

Killzone Shadowfall - Worst killzone of the bunch, basically a tech demo but graphicLly amazing.
Knack - Oh please.
Infamous SS - Okay this was well received, but people stopped talking about it very quickly.
MLB the show - I think only baseball fans would like this so limited audience, most likely bigger in USA.
TLoU Remaster - Amazing game, but it is a remaster rather than a new game so could potentially knock some of the wow factor away.
Driveclub - Very average reviews and reportedly completely broken online? (Not played it)
Little Big Planet 3 - Not released so cannot comment.

RosweeSon1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

You've never seen the Sega and Nintendo adverts of days old? I'm all for a bit of banter and a laugh if you cant have a laugh what's the point, although generally it does look a bit pathetic when you have to constantly rely on bashing the competition, not saying any of them have but yeah we all know what they can and can't do let the consoles speak for themselves.

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geddesmond1485d ago

Isn't it funny how developers now think they own word fonts. Insomniac will know Soon that they made a mistake with X1 exclusivity. Take all the Sony shots they want but in reality if you want a publisher to fund your games they want something in return. In Sonys case it was to own the IP they helped create. Without Sony Insomniac probably wouldn't still be around now.

I really hope Sunset Overdrive does great for them because they are great developers but given how Xbox owners received them last gen I don't see it selling more than a mil first 3 months. I hope I'm wrong but Insomniac definitely backed the wrong horse this gen. If it was PS4 exclusive or even multiplatthe sales would have been triple what they will be because frankly Insomniacs fanbase like Bungies was for Xbox is o Playstation.

u4one1485d ago

A lot of developers do own the fonts they use for logos and box art. They are designed in house or by hired designers. They also have licensing restrictions most of the time to protect their branding. I am a designer in advertising and game media. This is something I happen to know about.

vallencer1485d ago

They didn't back microsoft. Microsoft backed them. There's a huge difference. And as far as them owning the font, they ACTUALLY do own the font. Their community manager created the font. So it is their font and is under copyright infringement if they so decided to do something. But judging by their twitter account they don't care.

Sevir1485d ago

Um, they actually do own the font, but just the ones they created for the Logo. the entire alphabet in that font was created by a fan on the insomniac forums. Son simply showed that they are being good sports about this.

Secondly They went with MS because they wanted to own the IP, MS cleverly has a policy which does allow independent developers to keep their IP as long as it stays exclusive to their Platform. And i'm not sure why you're crying and making a big deal. Insomniac has a PS4 exclusive being developed this very moment from their Burbank and NC studio.

geddesmond1485d ago


Yeah see the tears all over my comment. Eh isn't that exactly what I said except used different words. I don't know about you but if I'm going to fund a game for 50 mil and market it I want rights to that thing I made possible. Just like MS did with Halo and what ever other few IPs they own.

Me I couldn't give a shit if SO was on PS4 or not. It just looks like a cross between Infamous and Rachet and Clank to me. Both games I can only play on PS4. Whats funny is all my disagrees. Yeah because I imagined all the hate I got on the internet from Xbox fans telling me the likes of Rachet and Resistance were shit when I talked about games I love last gen.

As for the fonts thing. I've seen that O and E used years ago on graffiti art so who really owns the font huh. So for future reference when people dot off an i with a cross or put a hazard sign in the middle of an o or a slash through the o or a love heart over an i or so on and so forth they have been used for years if not decades in graffiti art. Know body owns them because they can't be owned.

TheRedButterfly1485d ago

Dude, Insomniac invented the font for SO. Get your head out your ass.

Also, regarding your second paragraph, SO is XO exclusive because MS let Insomniac keep the IP. Get your facts straight.

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AngelicIceDiamond1485d ago

Yeah Sony took a jab at MS exclusive when in reality they should be focusing on getting DC working.

I don't understand why Sony is so aggressive lately this gen.

MRMagoo1231485d ago

Yes I'm sure the advertising division would have been better put to use helping evolution finish their game.

GTgamer1485d ago

Fixing DC online is EVO's job sooooo what the marketing team gotta do with that.

AngelicIceDiamond1485d ago

@GT Yep. Just like how people say MS "needs to quit" investing all their money in the third party and other things needs and invest in the first party.

Two different teams doing two different duties.

Spotie1485d ago

Come on, Angelic. Just admit that was a stupid comment.

Ballsack1485d ago

@Angel you make a dumb comment, then instead of going in a corner somewhere red faced and embarrassed you try to defend your dumb comment by making another..

Whether third party or first party its money from microsofts gaming division how is that comparison valid to your first comment?

Fanboyism has truly f'd you up.

AngelicIceDiamond1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Alright don't cry take a chill pill.

Hmm cute.

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BeefCurtains1485d ago

That was a good tweet by insomniac! I wonder if Playstation will respond, it doesnt seem to bother insomniac.

jznrpg1484d ago

Your name is ridiculously funny, or I'm just an immature old man.

OT . This font has been used in old graffiti in early 80s , nothing new just forgotten.

TheTwelve1485d ago

I love this kind of stuff. =)

DLConspiracy1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

See PlayStation is actually supporting insomniac. They are saying Sunset Overdrive is a great game go out and buy a copy PS only fans.

die_fiend1484d ago

Saw the advert for this on TV the other day. Looks like absolute garbage

Buff10441484d ago

It's all in good fun. You guys take things too seriously.

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nicksetzer11485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Hmm, it is literlly an exact copy of the text, I am just confused as to why.

@Alpha that is hilarious.

qwerty6761485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

i dont understand why they would use it also.

maybe they were going for a theme for this sale and the SO font fit perfectly

kinda unoriginal but its w/e i guess, just copying font nothing to bad.

novacav1485d ago

Yeah, it's not huge deal. It's just weird bc since it's such a unique font, you immediately associate it with SO. It's not like we're dealing with Helvetica here.

geddesmond1485d ago

Maybe its a Sony nod to let Insomniac know they are watching

MysticStrummer1485d ago

That would be my guess. I'd never have known it was anything other than a Halloween/Monster movie style font.

BrianG1485d ago

Nothing wrong with some harmless fun here and there. Glad to see both sides taking it lightly.

OB1Biker1485d ago

I agree, Ive no idea why some think its like a big deal. Insomniac are still working with Sony. Sometimes gaming news are like tabloid news and people make a fuss out of nothing

jrshankill1484d ago

Sony doesn't need to do this kind of stuff though. If you are ahead of the competition, you don't mention the competition. You don't need to.

Basically all they have done here is advertise Sunset Overdrive by using their font. It has people talking online, it is the hottest topic on N4G Xbox One and PS4. Dumb move.

BrianG1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Why does everything have to be about business thought?

And so what if they advertised Sunset Overdrive, a great developer that has worked exclusively with Sony for many many years has made a new product. No harm in Sony throwing some love their way, even if it's not on a Sony platform.

EDIT: And in case you missed it, obviously Insomniac is taking it lightly, so why don't we?

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