Why Alien: Isolation Proves There Should Be Another Alien Movie

The detail and atmosphere in the videogame Alien: Isolation proves that the 35-year-old xenomorph still has the power to inspire fear.

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rodiabloalmeida1676d ago

It does not worth the risk. Alien Saga is a solid franchise with classic movies (except the fourth) and by no means it should be ruined with another (almost 100% chance) bad movie cos there simply no need to.

What I believe is there should be more Alien games, there is.

strangeaeon1675d ago

The last proper Alien movie was 4, way back in 1998. If they get the right script, director, and cast I don't see why it couldn't continue. Although it could be argued that Prometheus is enough.

Rhezin1675d ago

yeah the Alien hasn't even got any botox or plastic surgery it would look so much older now it wouldn't work!