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OnlySP: Calling The Evil Within the best survival-horror game I’ve played in years is no exaggeration. It’s been too long since I played a game that stuck to the traditional roots of the older classics, while instilling a new sense of mixed horror from all cultures and modern gameplay mechanics to create a horror game that has been missed for several years. Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks delivered. Horror master Mikami brought back his skills to dust off the aging genre, reviving what survival-horror is suppose to be about – survival.

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Agent20091457d ago

Going by that logic, The Last of Us should earn at least 15/10.

I really don't like the way every decent game is able to get an almost perfect score. There should be a fine line between titles that are very good and the true masterpieces of our culture.

ReesesPuffs1457d ago

It's based on the reviewers opinion, not yours.

Angeljuice1457d ago

The reviews for this game are all over the place. Its either an absolute masterpiece or a complete waste of time that's hardly worth playing depending on the reviewer.

As someone sitting on the fence, I have no idea which way to jump.

Sideras1457d ago

Did you like Resident Evil 4? Get it.
Think of the gameplay roughly like Resident Evil 4 and the style, a mix between Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Personally I loved it.

As for longevity, you unlock higher difficulty levels aswell as new game+.

-Foxtrot1457d ago

The only bad things about this game is the dialogue, the voice acting and the overall structure to the story.

However with the way the game works and how fun it is, you can easily forget it. Most games have had worse voice acting or story.

The_Devil_Hunter1457d ago

Yes, the dialogue is awful and I havent finished the story yet so I cannot judge, but remember this is a Japanese game, what Japanese game does not have awful dialogue. As for the voice acting it could be better.

Revolt131457d ago

The game to me was great, loved it!
Like Resident Evil 4?
Then you'll love it :)

dreamed1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Im on level 12 and am forcing myself to finish.
Ive waited years for a wicked horror game and this is a let down imo.

Let me say its not all bad.

I like the monsters,and the enviroments one level is so remenicent of the start of resi 4.

I loved the game at the start,its just im 16hrs in and cant wait for the end.

Its the aim,its horrible holding lt/r2 zooms you in so far all you can see is a close up zombies chest/arm/leg/head and nothin else....think of close quater combat while zoomed in on a barret 50cal & your somewhere close.

Its not helped by the feckin aspect ratio,WTF's with that.

Also imo this game at some point was a standard tps horror game,and so they could call it a return to survival horror they just took all your ammo and said heres a pos crossbow 2 bullets and a match.

Its an action shooter with feck all ammo is what it is imo,with bad stealth mechanics dodgy enemy ai and dont get me started on the story.....geez level 12 im on and feck knows whats going on,its all just random dream/bad acid trip shit???????

But like i said the look of the levels and monsters are cool imo,but the forced action all the time,bad stealth & horrible,horrible aim/controls have killed it for me....i would rent it if i were you,its defo worth that a least.

But if its cash you wanna splash then choose alien isolation......that is survival horror & best game ive played for a while imo just minus the splatter gore!!!....admittidly you do alot of back tracking and lever pulling,but this is just a space station not a massive world.

The_Devil_Hunter1457d ago

I disagree with everything you just said, except the aiming. They really need to patch it, might as well just have been a FPS instead TPS. I hope it gets an option to have it zoomed out.

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--bienio--1457d ago

Finally someone give high score.. This game deserve 9.5 . It's not perfect but wich game is??;) so yes Agree.

DryBoneKoopa851457d ago

The Evil Within for me is EASILY the best horror game I have played in a long time! You can litterly FEEL Mikami style within the game. Being a HUGE Resident Evil fan back before Capcom ruined the franchise. You can see how the Laura creature is a interesting take on the Licker creature from Resident Evil 2.

On my second playthrough working on unlocking the rest of my achievements. Have to say the game is way more fun on New Game+!

The_Devil_Hunter1457d ago

yes! THIS! I cant wait to dive into to New Game +, I agree with it being the best Horror game in a while.

dreamed1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

How is it more fun,what does new game+ do,i assume you just use your upgraded character?,reminded me more of the grudge crossed with the ring.

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