Why Do People #GamerGate?

Jim Avery:

"How did things get so bad?

Depending on where you stand on the #GamerGate issue, you're either an overreacting Social Justice Warrior who thinks all gamers are misogynists, or you're a harassment apologist who thinks women's lives are less important than video games and video game journalism. Never before have I seen a video game issue create such anger and animosity from nearly everyone who encounters it."

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-Foxtrot1547d ago

"you're a harassment apologist who thinks women's lives are less important than video games and video game journalism"

OR...your someone who cares more about corruption in video game journalism then "hating on women"

3-4-51547d ago

FACT = There are more men in the video game industry, and therefore have taken and put up with more abuse within the video game industry than women have.

They have just complained about it less and just went and did their job.

Harassment is wrong...nobody should be abusing anybody.

What also shouldn't be abused is the media and the truth.

When you only want to tell one side of a story, and your LEAVING OUT KEY FACTS....= you lack credibility and your just a bully.

* These feminists behind this, are LITERALLY DOING the very thing they are complaining about.

Nobody has the nuggets to call them out on it.

Men don't hate women....We love them.

Women are awesome, and should be treated with respect just like every other human.

No good person wants women to be objectified.

The Problem is, this group of women MADE UP LIES, to make their 2/10 problem seem like it's a 9/10 problem in terms if severity.

* Imgaine if I started screaming about how ALL WOMEN CHEAT ON MEN AND CAN'T BE TRUSTED.

You know how mad that would make them ?

It would be false too....because I don't believe that, but THAT IS = TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

* I wish somebody with a loud enough voice and enough power could actually let people know WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING.

Like I said.......This has Political backing. Somebody is helping them, via the connections in the media, to push this through.

* Somebody is abusing their position of power, to suppress the real truth.

* Journalists lied, and we caught them.

They are now trying to make everyone of us look bad, instead of coming clean and admitting they lied and made things up.

* We want the media to be 100% honest, and they are fighting to have the right to lie to us.


3-4-51547d ago

Edit: I should add I'm not pro or anti GG, I don't align or associate with any of them, but it's the misleading on all the sites that is basically just annoying.

rainslacker1547d ago

Once again, the narrative looks at the two extremes. Is it really so hard to address the actual issue at play. Do so, and maybe GG will finally go away. I feel like I'm talking to a wall sometimes.

arbitor3651547d ago

well this kind of animosity and uncivil discourse is what mordern day feminists leave in their wake everywhere they go. just look at what they did with "atheism plus." look at the nutjobs on tumblr who mob people over trivialities and petty offense.

feminists come in with their smug, holier-than-thou, "youre a bigot if you disagree with us" attitude and they splinter every community they come into contact with.

of course gamers will be angry when they are given zero representation in mainstream media and all of these feminist are basically erasing them from the discussion about themselves and the gaming industry.

Mega241547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


They take a few bad apples as an example of the whole community.

It's politics, if you are not with them, you are against them. That's the kind of mentality they have. When something doesn't go the way they want, they play the victim card.

arbitor3651547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

and ive only seen feminists take it to this extent to where it completely dominates the discussion in the media. they always want to make all about themselves and their victim mentality and not the actual issue

just look at Anita Sarkeesian. how many times has she given the same "look at the harassment i got on the internetz" speech? she has been doing it for 2 years. and yet she will not go into a 1v1 debate with any of her major critics.

there is a reason the term "professional victim" exists.

uth111547d ago

It's not feminism so much as a type of activism with a certain mindset. They may show up as feminists, or advocates for minorities or disadvantaged, or even religious causes.

They have moral certainty in their convictions, and all the problems of the world are someone else's fault. They are never wrong, anyone who disagrees is either too stupid or bigoted or generally worthless and therefore aren't worthy of a proper response.

They are also dangerous. They will pile-on and bully people into submission. It's one reason I think you don't see more pro-GG stories- journalists fear getting on these people's bad side. So they never get nearly as much negative press as they deserve..
You can easily make the case that some of history's worst figures had this same mindset (their side is moral without question, dissenters are less then human and must be marginalized or worse- sound familar??)

But there are real feminists and other advocates and religious people who are decent and are nothing like these idiots.

Ogygian1547d ago

And the endless "but feminism just means equality" responses, as if the definition of "equality" is totally clear cut and obvious.

Equality can mean Communism or Anarcho-Capitalism depending on which definition you wish to use and with feminism its range is no less problematic. Even then equality might not satisfy whatever definition of "fairness" one believes in.

uth111547d ago

I haven't been involved much in GamerGate, but I can see it's the rhetoric! I've just been reading some of the exchanges and the SJW's are thin-skinned bullies who say some truly disgusting things and are immune to logic. Disagree with anything they say and they just label and dehumanize you.

Then add in the fact that the press almost nearly always sides with them, and paints them as innocent victims who did nothing to provoke an angry horde of 'losers' (aka their customers DOH!). When clearly they provoked a lot of it. I can see why it's maddening.

That's not to say there aren't bad apples on the pro-gamergate side too, clearly there are. As there are in any movement.

But at least you can find reasonable, rational people on the pro side. Good luck finding that on the anti side.

rainslacker1547d ago

They exist on the pro side as well. I've seen them in forums from time to time. I would say the extremist certainly show through more though, and the extremist view is certainly the way the media is going for the pro side.

I feel it's just as unfair to label the entire SJW(I hate that term, but I guess that's what everyone calls them since they haven't picked a name) side as bad as it is to label the entirety of GG bad. The only thing I don't understand is why the moderate SJW side is against the GG side, as the two sides aren't actually at odds on a philosophical level. They actually have nothing to do with one another in principal, and I'd imagine many GG supporters also support what the SJW want, which is equal representation for women/minorities in gamingm, and I suppose an end to bullying/abuse(which GG is generally against). GG is just the easy target for the extremist to focus on, because despite not being a central group, it is an obvious target of what people like Sarkeesian are trying to discredit for their own reputation gains.

My hope is that as time goes on, more of the reasonable SJW will see how they're being played for the gain of a few within an inner circle, and either just drop out of that side, or maybe realize that the GG side just wants some ethics within our gaming press.

I find it sad that the SJW side can't find a voice among them who is much more reasoned with what that side stands for. Sarkeesian is a terrible mouthpiece to try and get equality in gaming, because she really shows nothing but discontent for the medium as a whole. Her interests aren't in the betterment of gaming, but in bolstering her own reputation. If she cared about gaming, she'd be willing to have an open discussion with her critics, and realize that the entire community isn't the vile cesspool that she makes it out to be.

uth111547d ago

I like the SJW term better than what people used to call them.. i.e. liberals, or feminists, 'feminazis', etc. Using terms like that, criticizing them criticizes a larger group of people that are not affiliated with them. Could SJW be even more specific? I'm sure it can. I also think the SJW term refers only to the extreme element, not the moderates.

Anyway as for why moderate SJ types don't support GG, there's a few reasons. One is, as you point out, a lot of them already are, if they are into gaming and followed this, they've already seen through the BS. Another reason is social justice for many is an emotional issue, and it gets judged on an emotional level. So a claim by a young woman that she is getting abused by a group of people is going to trump any reason-based argument the other side makes. And thirdly the media has slanted this so much that people who aren't involved are going to assume that's the side to be on.

With Sarkeesian-- if one makes suggestions that a culture needs to change, then one should not be shocked if that culture is hostile to that idea. This is true of any subculture, not just gaming. You cannot criticize and expect no criticism in return, but it seems like that's what these people want. And yes some will sadly be less than civil about it. But if you use those trolls to smear a whole group of people, then you will anger even more people than you already have.

I don't think the SJWs can get a better mouthpiece. Why? Because if they brought in a more reasonable person they may find that there really isn't a problem. The women in question aren't targets because they are women, they are targets because of what they've said and done. And there's something that will divide feminists. If you want equality with men, then you can't expect to be above criticism because you're a women. Moderate feminists would agree I think on that point, but extreme ones do not

annoyedgamer1547d ago

Didn't Gabe Newell receive death threats recently? Are we going to see countless articles about hating on men since Gabe is a male?

JohnathanACE1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Yep he did:

but honestly the guy sounded like he only said it in a fit of rage though he's still a moron and a jerk for threatening poor Gaben. Dude needs to control his anger.

arbitor3651547d ago

of course not. because it is a well known fact that feminists are the only people on the internet who receive harassment or death threats. and its all because they are women. and nothing else.

Tuxmask551547d ago

I would say "No, because Gabe Newell doesn't have breasts" but that would be inaccurate.

WeAreLegion1547d ago

A fat joke a day keeps Half-Life 3 away.

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EdoubleD1547d ago

Wow, you guys will never stop? I sometimes cannot understand how you people operate.

'Harrassment apologist' he says.

Kill me now...The more I read the more I become depressed with the world.

WeAreLegion1547d ago

Oh, snap! Sounds like EdoubleD just sent EdoubleD a death threat.

What are you gonna do about it, EdoubleD?!?

uth111547d ago

He might be a woman trapped in a man's body, and therefore proof of misogyny! /s

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